Saturday, September 30, 2006

"Hamster on a Plane"

Did you hear on the news that an Austrian plane had to make an emergency landing after a pet hamster got loose??? Having had experience with hamsters, I know the destruction their gnawing can do------or could it be a new terrorist plot ?? Suicide hamsters -----last I heard, they hadn't located runaway rodent!!!
I used to love the little critters until---- mama ham ate one of her babies---and i just couldn't rationalize "but she was just trying to protect him!"
And I remember the time when Fireguy was just a wee lad, in Dayton, and he came downstairs with worried look on face, saying, "I didn't hurt your hamster, honest, he's just sleeping!"
I knew immediately something was wrong--- Poor Jimmy, he thought he could catch the newly escaped hamster by stepping on the chalkboard he had thrown on scurrying rodent---- he caught hammie all right!!! Dead in his tracks---- sorry to bring that story up, brother--- couldn't resist, it was just so funny how in trying to divert attention, you so told on yourself------ a case of "thou doth protest too much"

Friday, September 29, 2006

Of Pizza and Heartstrings

Just as we were pulling in to Boston Pizza with Aussie, Frank's cell phone rang--- Phil wanting a ride home, so we invited him to dinner with us---- our first time there-probably our last time--- the food and service was excellent, first rate, but the bill too steep for our means------ so I'm blogging with that after Christmas dinner feeling--- bloated, overstuffed, pants loosened, needing to get horizontal in a hurry---- but while we were waiting for food to be served--- Austin said,

" I missed you today, Nannan!"

Hours later, I'm still revelling in that moment--even more than my full stomach----- my heart is overflowing with love and gratitude -----

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Out of the Mouths of ......

eight year olds!! Last week, whilst subbing, not doing anything out of the ordinary, trying not to make any waves-------- just checking to see if their homework was done, a boy, suspiciously seated apart from the others, way apart, with a mischievous gleam in his eye, asked me,
"Did we come from monkeys?"

Sudden quiet, all normal activity ceased---- Thirty or more eyes riveted in attention, waiting for answer from "The Teacher"---

"My parents aren't monkeys, are yours?"

Laughter, dodged that bullet!!!
During brainstorm activities to precede creative writing expression, on topic "apples"----- child asks ,

"How did the seed get in the apple??

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Absence of What?

I'm looking for a word-- what I call an "anti" word-- you know how some things are best described by the absence of something more definitive--- something tangible--- able to be detected by at least one of the senses-- for example,
darkness is merely the absence of light---------
blindness, the absence of sight------
silence, the absence of sound---
poverty, the absence of wealth---
get the picture-- more like get the negative???
Lest you think this monodiscussion might be headed to deeper ground,, fear not---- you know the train of my thought is a shallow circuit---- so what triggered these thoughts--- Husband asked me if I had noticed the absence of Billy's exhaust emissions--- le fin de flatulence ???
Need a new word---- any ideas??

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Head by Any Other Name !!

This is so out of my comfort zone--- right up there with mirrors, bathing suits, and nakedness !!!!
But H asked, don't know why-- there are already several pics in this excuse of a blog----
This tag game reminds me of the Bosson heads I used to collect, with their cool names---- wouldn't buy this one, Senile Sourpuss Sue Bosson Head----
but did enjoy seeing the faces behind the words and hearts I have come to care so much about !!!
Houseband is trying very hard to make his head disappear from view, by engaging in a frantic frenzy of blog posting!! Way to play hide and seek--- caught ya!!
The lovely H has threatened to delete her picture----
and here's the captivating Lizza looking right back at ya!!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Out of the Closet ??

"What's THIS doing in MY closet?", says befuddled looking husband, holding up purple baby dress!
Now, let me digress---said closet to which he refers is actually outside of our bedroom, in the hallway, and its proper function methinks, is to serve as coat closet !!
Ladies, you know how it is, we never have anything to wear, but, by God we need nine -tenths of the closet space to warehouse all those clothes, most of which I'll never fit into again--- but keep on thinking, well, maybe, one day, you know that tune---

In our case, Mema has the master bedroom upstairs, and our consigned room had no closet-- so there is a wardrobe of sorts, of sorts too small that is--- are you getting the picture--- the whole pole space is MINE-- poor husbands few shirts get relegated to hall closet, along with all our outdoor apparrel, winter accessories, and vacuum cleaner appendages---- leaving him about five inches of pole space---- and now------ well, the closet is close to the bathroom, where Lexy has her bath every morning , and it's so much easier to have her clothes nearby-------------

Along with that baby dress, there are now five more hangers of baby clothes---- soon poor hubby will have to go naked!!!!!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

One More Time !!!

This being our Aussie weekend, I didn't get a chance to blog-- in fact the computer hasn't been turned on since Thursday night, and Treehouse channel has been our only viewing pleasure!!! Ye Gads, as Lexy learns that she is in control of remote, we may never watch "adult" tv again-- now don't misunderstand-- by adult, I mean, CNN, CBS, ABC, etc-- lest your mind have gone elsewhere!!!
School went well on Friday, didn't lose any kids, but turned out to be costly, probably more than the measly amount subs make--- just had to be sitting in the staff room when the book and novelty saleslady dropped off a new shipment of goodies--- I managed to resist buying the Jean Pare newest---- since I rarely cook these days , it'd be a hard sell to justify buying another useless book to add to my large collection of unused cookbooks--- BUT--- there were learning books -- ABC and number learning-- couldn't resist those for Aussie and Lexy----
Austin is a master manipulator-- amazing how young they learn the ways of delay and control---- took him and Arielle bowling on Friday-- time to leave--- "One more time!" he says-- Okay, that's a deal--- BUT -- the concept of ONE needs some working on--- well no, not really, because he kept on saying, "One More Time!"
Now everything has turned into bowling---Our coffee table the alley---- so much for knick knacks Mikki-- you'll have to be moving them shortly---- At bathtime, he placed the empty shampoo bottles lining the tub, (when they're empty, people, can't you throw them out?), at one end for pins, and little yellow rubber ducky as the ball---- The water had turned cold before I could get him through the twenty One more times !!!
Wouldn't it be something if we could only make that "one more Time"-- work for us ????

Thursday, September 21, 2006

No Brainer!!!

Short post tonight-- have to get clothes and legs ready for work tomorrow!! Yup, got a call from Meadowfields, young energetic phys. ed. teacher on other end-----
" Hi, Sue, it's L. speaking. "( I'm thinking, the only thing worse than primaries, would be phys. ed.-- , oh no!!)
Hi L, I reply, cheerily, with just a hint of reservation-
"Can you come in tomorrow?" (Darn, my Lexy day off, so much for sleeping in)
For Phys ED??? in slightly raised panic-stricken voice, "UH, what are you doing in Gym?"
"Soccer", she replies, "but DV is in for the Grade Three teacher, and he'd be willing to do the Phys.Ed if you'd rather not."

Don't ask me about that Primary I lost this week-- I 'm not going to talk about it-- I said, I'm not going to talk about it-- too embarrassing and not good for my reputation as a substitute-- and they found him after a while----- omg----it was horrible, but I can't talk about it!!! Please don't ask, very traumatic, I may have PTSD----- so may he!!!

Tomorrow I'll be teaching Grade three--- at least they should know not to get on a bus if they are "walkers".

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Face of Feline Killer !!!

Caught in the act-- just seconds before the picture was taken, I saved a fledgling from imminent torture and cruelty--- wrestled her from the jaws of sadistic serial killer CAT, and she flew away to safety for another day------ Not so fortunate for the bright yellow belly-up bird left at our front doorstep yesterday---- and the coup de grace---- He pranced through the house, high pitched mewing, proudly displaying latest rodent in mouth to master Mema-------whence upon her screaming, said would be killer dropped the still very much alive mouse on her living room floor!!! The events of the next ten minutes you can just imagine--- Mema screaming "GET IT OUT, GET IT OUT!" whilst doing the "avoid rodent rhumba", stoopy the cat trying to recapture prey, Billy dog looking stunned and hoping to get in on the action somehow, and Frank with a paper towel-- trying to corner tiny pathetic mouse----- the cause of such commotion---- when in reality---- poor mousey should have been the most frightened--- all these larger than life creatures screaming and out to get his measly mously hide!!! He did---Frank that is!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Encore !!

I know, I know, a repeat of yesterday, but it was just too funny, Aussie, again the centre of unwanted attention!!
Farting Billy dog on left, waiting pleadingly for a morsel of food to drop from mouth of eating child, or better yet, to be given by Austin his unwanted food---- meanwhile on right, is learning how to climb baby girl--- who adores everything Austin, much to his chagrin and dismay----
As he tries to ignore both of them and stay focussed on Timothy goes to School, whilst dipping PB sandwich in milk----- Already , he's learned to blank out distraction of nagging female----- fine male motor skill !!!
As for flatulent dog-- digestive systen still not adapting to new diet--- how bad is it? Last night, on our bed, after malodourous emission, Billy started sniffing air downwind, gave a brusque growl as he looked at ME with disgust, and pranced out of the room--- leaving me to inhale the remnants of HIS fart bomb!!!!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Two out of Three

of the people in these pictures are happy---- guess which one isn't ?
Aussie is not thrilled with his magnetic ability to attract Lexy, wherever he goes, especially on my lap !!!
Be not fooled by the appearance of tranquility and contentment-- Pollyanna does not live here!!
Seconds after the flash, she pulled his hair, lovingly of course, in that chokehold grip that babies somehow manage----
he didn't take kindly to her tough love, and escaped to the lap of Papa, safe haven for only the seconds it took her to speed crawl over!!! and start the torment all over--

he may as well get used to putting up with female adoration and the ensuing tribulations at an early age!!!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sometimes you forget..

Those rarefied moments-- upon waking, before realization sets in, or you see someone walking down the street and for a fleeting moment, you think,
"It's HIM!! "
Could be the red hair, the baggy pants, the stance, ..Sometimes I hear Philip playing guitar in his bedroom, the same bedroom, same sounds, and I think--
"He's back !!"
In the middle of the night, Billy barks, door opens, billy's barking changes pitch-- from warning to welcoming with tail wagging, just the way it did so many nights ago, and in my half-sleep, brain registers,
"He's Home!"
Now i can go to deep sleep-- no worries for another night !"
And it feels so good--like maybe it really was just a horrible nightmare--- that I will awaken from--- only for an instant---- but in that instant, my heart knows no bounds- then breaks all over again--- you wonder how something broken can keep on breaking---- it can-
Last night i searched all blogs for "Scallywags"-- a restaurant in Toronto, that Chris worked at five years ago--- and I found a picture, my heart skipped a beat, and I thought I had found him-- again--------
PS: Enlarge the picture, see what i mean?

Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Papal Gaff ???

Haven't read the whole text of his speech, so I suppose I shouldn't be reacting without doing all the facting--but--- at first glance--- he was referring to a medieval conversation between a learned Persian and Byzantine Emperor re. the teachings of Islam--- in which using violence to promote faith were evil and inhuman acts ??? something like that ??? Three thoughts---- fire your speechwriter, haven't you learned anything from Danish cartoonist and Soloman Rushdie ??? I don't really believe the esteemed Pontiff wanted to be the catalyst for more religious turbulence and upheaval in an already sorely divided world--- when what the world needs most is healing and tolerance----- Secondly--- Hey Guys, if you really want to prove the quotes wrong, don't react with violence!!!!! How hard is that to understand ??? Committing acts of violence and inhumanity only confirms what you are trying to deny-----and finally, all you moderate leaders of Islam, why aren't you exhorting the believers to denounce violence and retaliation, if they are tenets of the Muslim Faith---

Here is an excerpt of a speech by Abdul'l-Baha,(Son of Prophet of Baha'i Faith) in 1912 delivered to students at Stanford University:

"Fifty years ago Baha'u'llah declared the necessity of peace among the nations and the reality of reconciliation between the religions of the world. He announced that the fundamental basis of all religion is one, that the essence of religion is human fellowship and that the differences in belief which exist are due to dogmatic interpretation and blind imitations which are at variance with the foundations established by the Prophets of God. He proclaimed that if the reality underlying religious teaching be investigated all religions would be unified, and the purpose of God, which is love and the blending of human hearts, would be accomplished. According to His teachings if religious belief proves to be the cause of discord and dissension, its absence would be preferable; for religion was intended to be the divine remedy and panacea for the ailments of humanity, the healing balm for the wounds of mankind. If its misapprehension and defilement have brought about warfare and bloodshed instead of remedy and cure, the world would be better under irreligious conditions."

Friday, September 15, 2006

Eat Your Spinach ???

That's what we've been told all our lives by universal mama---right up there next to breast milk---even invented a cartoon , Popeye, to spout the health benefits of spinach----


What can we believe in when tainted spinach is killing us-- particularly females---- with---E-COLI !!
Do you know where e-coli originate???

IN THE INTESTINES OF CATTLE--- so how may I ask, is fecal matter ending up in our freshly washed and bagged spinach ??? Is nothing sacred anymore?

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Recurring Theme !!!

AWWWW, two peas in a pod !!

Been here before, haven't we-- couldn't resist-- BUT-- imagine the aftermath, of flashing light waking up sleeping male---- not happy--- at being awakened-- then realization sets in-- "Oh, no-- I know where this will end up-- can't even have a few minutes peace !!""

Yup, he's right !!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Carnage Continues !! CSI Hebron !

Warning!!! Crime Scenes

Our residential serial killer has struck again--- in an effort to divert suspicion, has changed his modus operandi in a significant way----- firstly, his prey--- formerly 3-legged small grey repulsive rodents, have now reverted to cute brown furry squirrels with all legs intact--- no obvious signs of trauma, but manner of death still deemed suspicious, based on final resting place---- OUR FRONT DOOR !!! His former dumping ground was the back door, Mema's entrance--- so what's up with this
-- a new killer, an accomplice,
or has he become crafty at throwing us off the scent--- he's even convinced the other two domesticusses to make themselves comfortable at the crime scene, hoping they will become "persons" of interest---
Speaking of scents, the "fart factory" seen resting in background, is going strong-- wish there was a way to harness that gas--- We'd be millionaires !!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Three Strikes, I'm Out !!!

Strike One;
So after a hard days work, we stopped in at the local M&M for some good ole home cooking-- bit of jovial banter, small talk, laughing--- bought the lasagna supreme, breaded sole fillets, chicken pot pie, two frozen pumpkin pies (one of which I ate frozen, couldn't wait to thaw), and of course the obligatory garlic bread-- noticing the sign by cashier that says-- Special Seniors Discount on Tuesday--- so I say, jokingly , to the cashier, "How old do you have to be to get the seniors discount?"
To which she replied, "Sixty-five, but I've already given it to you ." Bah wah wah bah , end of joviality!!!

Strike Two:
Stop off at Barbs, the babysitter, yeah we have two baby seats in our car AGAIN-- to pick up our precious delights-- as I'm leaving, Barb says, "Let me get that hair off your chin."
Me: :"UH, I think it's still attached!" As she brushes it off my shoulder and says, "It's white !!"-- Now there's only so many things you can keep blaming on that poor Billy dog !!!!!

Strike Three:
Me speaking to beloved daughter on her supper break, "Phew, I'm exhausted---- at least I'll be able to sleep in tomorrow morning!! Daughter replies, " I've got to go to work early tomorrow for a mandatory staff meeting."

Monday, September 11, 2006

Survivor !!!!

I survived !!! But now I know why the angel wears birkenstocks !!!! Haven't had a regular pair of shoes on in six months, let alone stand all day on concrete floors-- my feet are killing me !!! But the day was absolutely fun, yes, fun--- What a liberating feeling knowing that you don't have to plan, prepare, and make sure you get through the outcomes--- I have a whole new respect for primary teachers, they are a special breed---- Only had one cryer and one lost tooth, and no lost kids--- phew!!
Now we need gas masks, Billy Dog was losing too much weight on that low fat dog food, so we changed brands---- holy crap--- flatulence, non-stop bombardment--- it stinks!!!!!!! You know it's bad when the smell wakes you out of a sound sleep--- and you think a septic tank has invaded your living space---- there he goes again!!!!
So when is the finale of big brother--- got to get some clothes ready for school tomorrow and my little ones--- they really are cute, for two days !!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Dusting Off .......

the cobwebs in my head---- no rhyme or reason-- just need to swifferize my brain before the space launch tomorrow--- to the planet Primary--- !!
On Steve Irwin-- loved the comment on his memorial page that went something like - he lived his life in capital letters and exclamation marks !!! How apt and befitting a tribute----
On Steve Irwin--- shame on you Germaine Greer, you opportunistic feminist hussy--- why now??? this is not the time to spout your venomous views against his practices, when he can't defend himself and his family is in grief-- just wanted to get your face in the media on the tailspin of his death--- shameface!!!
On 9/11 and numbers----- heard a guy say,"it never leaves you"---- Ann Coulter, you obviously have never experienced a personal tragic loss in your life-- don't you think those widows would return the money, turn away from "fame" in order to have their husbands back in their lives?? Most of the great causes in this world originated from someone' s pain, grief, or mistake--- MADD, Amber Alert, Megan's Law, and what motivates Katie Couric to push so hard for colon cancer research----they're not basking in the lime light, they're trying to find answers ------ and numbers--- my 9/11 is 26---- It seems to appear everywhere when I least expect it, and my mind goes back to that day, that day which became the measure of time in my life--- BC and AC---Before Chris, I was working on a quilt, the very weekend he died-- it sits in a bag, daring me to finish it, but to pick it up again would be to acknowledge that life goes on as usual, business as normal, and I feel that to finish that quilt would be a great dishonour--- how can I just pick up where I left off, when everything is changed--- it's only a quilt !!!! it's only the number 26---- the numerals on our house--- but as the gentleman said, "It never leaves you."

Friday, September 08, 2006

Whodda Thunk ???

Male bass in the Potomac river bearing eggs, something in the "drinking" water-- think of the implications--- and we fairer sex always thought that the male gender would become expendable, what with sperm banks and cloning-- who needs em?? Turns out, Father Nature may have other plans------- well, I for one, think it's about time the male of the species took a childbearing turn-- guaranteed the health service on maternity, oops, paternity wards would take a giant leap forward, instead of the drive-thru style of deliveries---we'll need a whole new vocabulary---mamma, pappa, just won't cover it all---- maybe we should heed the warnings to not dispose of all those expired and unused prescription drugs down the drain-- perchance too much estrogen is making its way into our water cycle----so, enjoy your next meal of seafood guys!!!!!! snicker, snicker, ha, has

Thursday, September 07, 2006

The calm before......

the storm to come, on Monday--- Till then, since when did the news reporters become the "news " ? Way too much hype about Miss Couric being the sole anchor--- I find her voice way to monotonous, mono tone I mean, and switch the channel- what's the big deal-- don't they bascially read from a teleprompter and have gophers do all the research??? I'd like to see her trying to teach a class of 25 five year olds their first days of school--- and why are there such strict government regulations on child to adult ratios in pre-schools, and nurseries, and suddenly it's okay to put twenty-five in a room with one adult who is not only expected to teach them to read and write, but sit still, don't fight, walk in a straight line, don't cry for mommy, put your hand up to speak, fire safety, personal safety, your address, blah,blah,blah---- compare salaries !!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, no more ranting, but we live in a wacky world with strange standards of valuing service to society-- hockey players, basketball players, and the list goes on-------- BUT--- I gotta say, that little baby Suri is a sweetheart!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

"The Devil Wears Birkenstocks"-LOL

They so got me this morning!!!
Last night, rational brain reasoned, "I know it's the first day of school for students, nobody will be calling me on the first day, the most important day, so I really don't have to shave my legs, wash my hair, or face the depressing task of finding out if any of my "work" clothes will fit over the increased expanse of derriere-- I can wait till the weekend."
Good night's sleep----
Phone rings far off in a distant state of unwakefulness-
Son answers, meanwhile brain has kicked in---why would the phone be ringing this early , unless--- unless,-- oh my ---, Ye Gads! Nothing is ready, and Jennah hasn't got a bag ready for new babysitter, and I didn't shave my legs, and my hair's a mess, and no clothes at the ready --------
Son says, " Shall I say you're sleeping?" As much as I wanted to say YES, I most certainly did not want to start off the second day of the rest of my life with obvious deception, so with trepidation, heart in throat, adrenaline reeling through my now awake on full alert system, I meekly took the phone "Hello!""
"Hi, this is J, would you be able to substitute for me on Sept. 11, and 12? " Phew-- immediate relief, not THIS morning, all systems back to normal----- until I ask, what grade?
"Primary "------ "Primary???????, I repeat, in high-pitched frantic tone, "Primary??"
In the background, I hear laughter, and I know she's calling from the staffroom, and I can almost guarantee, a certain birkenstock wearing blogger is behind this wake up call !!!!! And I've been chuckling all day, remembering the one day in my life, when I was subbing in a primary class, the year I took off when Michael was born, which I won't disclose how many years ago, and I told myself----- It won't be that bad again, you can do it this time!!!!! And I thank the "devil" because way worse than getting a call, would be never having the phone ring--- so thank you, LJLC, I am really looking forward to the experience, you really are an angel in birkenstocks, much love to you for thinking of me!!--- Yikes, Primaries in September! And tonight, I have a list of matters to attend to--- shave legs, etc. etc. etc.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Today , it REALLY is .......

I know, yada,yada, yada, blah, blah, blah, it's so oversaid, but today, it really and truly applied-- I drove by the school this morning on an errand, saw all the cars in the parking lot, and for the first time since I haven't been teaching, it felt real---- because until June, I still had MY class, MY students, MY name on the door-- and summer doesn't count, because that's the free cycle anyway--

but today as I drove past Meadowfields, I pictured the staff meeting,long agenda, new faces, summer talk--- and first day jitters------- and it felt so good to be driving on by!!! I heaved a huge sigh of relief, and for once in my life, well twice, I didn't second guess a decision----

Now all they have to do is update the website from five years ago, then I'll know it's really over!!!!

Monday, September 04, 2006

for Frank--

Upload music at Bolt.

He Didn't Understand Basic Instinct!!!

4 Sep, 1:07 PMSteve Irwin, the Australian television personality and environmentalist known as the Crocodile Hunter, has been killed by a stingray barb during a diving expedition, media reports said.Irwin, 44, was filming an underwater documentary on the Great Barrier Reef in north-eastern Queensland state when the accident occurred.Irwin's death was later confirmed by police in Brisbane.The Australian Broadcasting Corporation said Irwin was diving near Low Isles near the resort town of Port Douglas, about 1,260 miles north of Brisbane when the incident happened.A helicopter carrying paramedics flew to the island, but he died from a stingray barb to the heart, ABC reported on its website.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Basic Instinct ?????

Warning: Picture of crime scene to left--do not enlarge !!
A serial sadist lurks in our neigbourhood, nay , resides in our home- nurtured, coddled, and aided by us in his grisly, gruesome extracurricular activities---- Today's carnage was two, yesterday three-- bodies left rotting unceremoniously on the sidewalk leading to Mema's entrance, a grotesque gift perchance?---- three-legged rodents, no, we don't grow mutant mice, but the killer--- has a maniacal, sadistic---bent------ way beyond survival of the fittest--- these tiny rodents pose no threat to him, ---hunger??? No, that's no excuse- his always full bowl of cat food lies in wait------ so why---- does he derive such pleasure and gratification at causing pain to these helpless creatures??? I've seen the gleam in his eyes, as he watches them try to escape with only three legs, spiralling in neverending circles, looking for a way out--- and he stealthily swipes one paw to reposition his prey, and the dance of death contiues-----slow and torturous----- until all movement ceases--- the game is done-- on to the next unknowing victim-------of this barbaric brutal basic instinct ???? Primal Sadism !!!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

On Gibran, Again

Was doing a little research on Gibran, and found he was a prolific painter, of Lebanese descent--- His painting of the archer reminded me of the painting Beth made, the one that started out as an archer and ended up being Chris!!!
Also found another source of his quotes;
And this one on war got me to thinking about all the lost lives in Iraq, viet Nam, Lebanon, anywhere where there is fighting---
"Safeguarding the rights of others is the most noble and beautiful end of a human being."
I wondered if I would agree with that sentiment if my son had been killed in Iraq, and thought of my father's brother, who was killed in the second world war--- when you boil it down to mothers and sons, does the name or cause of the war matter---a mother needs to know that his life had a purpose and his sacrifice not in vain----- so yes, i would cling tenaciously to that quotation, as if it were a life preserver.

"Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit."

Friday, September 01, 2006

Country Living !!

Jason came by a few days ago with his friend RJ, and his two kids, M & D-- for a kayak ride--- Summer's almost gone and Frank and I haven't been kayaking once---- Partly because we don't have a truck to carry them on, and partly because we just don't seem to get a chance--- Today we had a break from kids, but used it to do some much needed chores, like housecleaning---- toilet bowls and bathtubs--- sure needed it!!!
Did you see Mike's comment under my Ozzy post ? trying to make me feel better about Ozzy ; ) --- Didn't work, but it turns out his perfect match was Monica Lewinsky !!!
Celebrity ????? Now we all know what she's famous for !!! Celebrity ??
Every man's "under the table fantasy" !!! right ????
Frank and I just got back from a short bike ride--- shorter than usual, because our wrists, necks, backs, and butts were aching--- Gotta find out the correct ergonomical position for bike riding, or maybe it's our age-- although I did hear that the new 40 is 60, and the the new 50 is 70, so that just about makes Mike a toddler !!!!!
But I don't feel like a new 40 !!!!