Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Til the Fat Lady Sings !!

And it ain't over!!
Just when I think I've partaken of all the manna from heaven ---
there on Facebook.com, Louisette starts an
"in memory of chris amon" group,
and Beth comes through with a picture of Chris taken years ago at Bartlett's Beach.
I love the feeling of joy and happiness he exudes--
My heart is going to burst!!

Monday, June 25, 2007

A Peek Inside

The Fabric of My Life !!

Is Freaking Orange Shag !!!!!!!

My first apartment in Wolfville--1971--- orange shag rug to go with Wurlitzer 45 record player----It worked in the 70's----
House on James Street---wall to wall orange carpeting--- Big house,,, lots of orange to go with the big bold green and orange flowered wallpaper
didn't like it then-- outdated---
ripped it up one day to reveal not so great hardwood floors, worn down to their final mm----

so I knew Winnie was meant for me---- the moment the door opened!!!
I hate orange--but it seems to be a recurring theme in my life--

To my offspring,, forget the fancy coffin--wrap me up in orange shag!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sorry, Sorry, Sorry !!! It's Winnie's Fault !!

No excuses!!! Haven't forgotten you-- in fact my last thought most nights is--oh damn, I'm going to blog for sure tomorrow---guilt,,guilt,, shame! But here's a picture of the fruit of my labours!!! Meet Winnie--(and billy's assend) --the result of an all consuming mania to satisfy that old familar camping urge---- I scoured the internet, did the research, spent weekends hunting our prey, as far as Kentville,,, and we found her-- in Clementsport--- winnie--- She's not quite as old as the Shamrock,, (1983) but is shorter, narrower, and purrs like a kitten-- no discernable signs of rust!!! So now that the urge is sated,, I should be able to settle down to some serious blogging-- starting with catching up on your blog!!!