Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mind Over Matter

The best part about being a mother is...
being a grandmother!!!
So many new gadgets for kids-- We went looking for a "little red wagon" and found this green two seater, with seatbelts and door!!

So I told myself, it's just a day-- just another 24 hours to live through--- just breathe, play with Austin,, and don't think--- don't think about it being Mother's Day---- it's not working!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Wedding "Couple"

Mandy and Tim got hitched last Saturday-

lovely ceremony at St. Ambrose Cathedral followed by reception and dance at the Lions Club---- wonderful day--- but (sorry Mandy)

the couple who stole the show---was----
Austin and Shay-Lynn!!!

OMG, they were so cute-(of course I"m a tad biased)

Walked side by side, regally, down the looong aisle of the church, amidst all the oohs and ahhs, smiles and clicks of cameras----
They were priceless,,, and when they were to lead the bridal procession into the reception hall,,,

he took one look around,, saw me and Papa,,

and veered ninety degrees off course into our welcoming arms,,,
along with the flower girl whowouldn't leave his side!!!
Mandy and Tim are honeymooning in Niagara Falls so I'll let her post
pictures of the other couple!!