Friday, June 30, 2006

"Tigger" by the Tail

Posted by Picasa Grrr! she says, as she devours the tail- methinks how meticulously we sterilize her bottle feeding apparatus, and how everything she touches ends up in the mouth!!! I think there's a study out there that says we need to ingest a certain amount of "dirt" in order to stay healthy-- isn't there- say yes-- My other issue is the wake up call- You know when the phone rings at 3:39 am, it's not good! My first reaction was #^^^*%%##%^, probably some crank, or drunk, or .... So I jump up after my brain has kicked in that yes, that noise is your phone ringing- check the display- Oh God- it says "Jeremy Amon"- no crank, no drunk, much loved son!!! Panic! Terror!! DREAD!!!! Pick up the receiver, heart pounding, thinking of every horrible possibility- has something happend to Jason, Ariel, Denise, - "Hello" I say. "Now don't be scared" his first words- and immediately I am terrified- bracing myself- now Frank fully awake, gasping "what?what? what?" Jeremy:" I loaned my car to Philip last night and he hasn't come back- I need to be to work at 5:00" Now Philip had not been in one of my horrific scenarios, and now I feel like my worst nightmare is reoccurring- Is Philip home, I don't know, so I rush outside in my pj's praying that there be an extra car in the driveway-- relief unimaginable- it is there- I take a much needed breath, knock on Phil's door, and he's sleeping soundly, oblivious to the drama- He had actually been home since 9:30 pm, but thought Jeremy meant he didn't need the car until 5 pm!!!! I am so relieved and grateful to all the powers in the universe, can't even get upset with Philip- it was an honest "miscommunication"--- then I think of the restless worried night Jeremy must have had and how difficult it must have been for him to call this number at that time- You did the right thing Jeremy, and I"m so sorry you had to be put in that position- kind of a "wake up" call for you- in a few years, Ariel will be a driving teenager- and you've had your first taste !!!! But it was so generous and gracious of you to do a favour for your little brother- love you all, and hope we all live happily ever after!!!!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

A Rose by any other Name

The Name Game-- When Frank tried to remove it from Door 221, I said, Nah, leave it there, don't need it!! Then Connie told me she had saved it for me, I thought okay, might want it someday- When she told me the building manager, henceforth known as H, told her I couldn't have it, they recycle the letters, well- the hairs on my chin stood up and that monster righteous indignation kicked in- How dare he tell me I can't have my own name!!! In my mind I had already composed a scathing letter to his superior, outlining all his past Napoleanic tirades, blah blah blah- A tiny voice in my head said slow down before you make a fool of yourself and get it from the tyrant's mouth- then act- So I call the secretary and ask to speak to H- she said he was on another line and would call me back- I wait- fury mounting- ready for a showdown, no fears of retaliation, when phone rings- Meadowfields school on display- it was the principal D, returning my call, what could he do for me? Somehow the secretary inadvertently thought I wanted to speak to D- so I related the problem- D is the consummate peace maker and defuser of explosive situations- has to be with over 500 students, their parents, and staff----all thinking their own particular problems are alone worthy of his immediate attention!! In his cheerful voice, he tells me, no problem, if I want it I can have it, but they will have to buy a new plate, as the nameplates are not supplied free by our photo co.- My indignation deflated, like a too filled balloon, and suddenly, I could care less about the name, and was so grateful to my "guardian angel" for the miscommunication about who I wished a call back from-- Once again, saved from myself!!! Gotta tame that beast inside- don't sweat the small stuff- and sometimes miscommunications can be a Godsend- except of course for the one resulting in the 4 am phone call- another story another day- Then I read Mikki's post and felt totally humbled- remember, I didn't want the name to begin with!!!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Beauty and the "Beast"

The beauty is our granddaughter, Ariel, and the gorgeous beast is her father, Jeremy!! They stopped by last night for a visit and loan of a truck, to remove some of my stuff from school- I took one look at the mess in my class, and copped out- In the guise of leaving all my "treasures" to the incoming teacher=== crafty-- just couldn't face it-- My name is off the door and the bulletin board- and I've relinquished my keys, except for the one I lost along with my car keys- good thing I"m finished- can't keep track of anything-- Today- muggy, humid, sticky, clammy, and just plain oppressive- I think Tuffysmom's weather has caught up with us down here in the south--- But I did manage to make a macaroni goulash, and an angel food cake for the triflle-- the trifle?-- much to Philip's dismay and disgust, the said strawberry trifle is for my staff- a parting gift- he should know by now that whenever I make something special, it's not for us!!! He shouldn't complain because his girlfriend brought him lobsters, which he didn't see fit to share- he's learned well from his mother- each to his own!! I'm squeezing in this post while Jennah is home for a break from work and spending a little time with her babe--- My time's almost up!!
Something to think about---Rush Limbaugh on Viagra!!!!! Gross!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

"So Happy Together"

Don't get me wrong- I loved Vase one, but it had a lonely phallic look, majestic but alone, - last night it found its soul mate- compliments of my dear friends- who had a tea party for me- don't they make a beautiful couple- completing each other- in full bloom!!!
About that get together- Only six of us, in different "places" professionaly and personally, but how easy it was to slide into our old familiar roles- and laughter- I'm not a laugher- wish I was- think it's genetic- but yesterday I laughed- full body, belly, heart and soul laugh and it felt good!!! Reading Jessica's blog about hearing her Joey laugh for the first time got me thinking about laughter- There is no sweeter sound in the universe than hearing our children's laughter- an outward manifestation of their inner happiness, and for that moment, all is right with the world-- I need to laugh more- it felt so good- thank you my friends!!!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Urgent request-- calling all angels!!!

Please read this story and pass it on to everyone on your email list!!!!It's from Jessica's blog-

This was posted on the Connecticut DS message board and needs to be passed around ASAP... There's a little boy in China with DS and needs to be adopted ASAP!!

HELP !!!!!!

You see that inobtrusive, ivy-like plant- that's the strangler weed that attaches itself to other growing plants and chokes the very life out of them- it's now headed directly for my bedroom window- pernicious evil, approaching inch by inch (cm by cm) seeking its prey--- --- Yikes- could my life be in jeopardy????
Still raining--- Another moral dilemma- a tenet of my faith is to show kindness towards animals- all animals- how far does that go- I've turned into SpiderNan for Austin- he won't venture outside until I've slayed all the spiders- and I must confess to pangs of guilt- their webs are masterpieces of design- in one swoop, I wipe out their creations- Can't even bring myself to lower unsuspecting lobsters into a pot of boiling water- the sizzle sounds like cries of pain- they must feel pain- Actually I can't afford to buy lobster, so it's not a big problem--- just wondering-- what about hamburgs and chicken, and pork and so on? Chris always said,"If God didn't want us to eat animals, why did he make them out of meat?" Part of me thinks we should be vegetarians, but that other part enjoys burgers too much to think about how they ended up on my plate- So what does show kindness to all animals really mean? Should you have killed that vole, tuffysmom???? And then there's the cat problem- Stoopy left a gift the other day- a very much alive, but mortally wounded baby bird- Frank held it in the palm of his hand, still cheeping in distress- he placed it outdoors in the bushes, but its fate was already decided- Back to fate again- better stop- and keep an eye on that killer ivy--- Be kind to plants???

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Too Young-------

Operative words today- mildew, damp, musty- brain rot !!!
Notice the common theme in pics? (they were empty- moms- honest- just a drop or two-no Mandy, that's not coffee on his lips, trust me, ) I'm so glad I'm not Britney Spears and the papparazi were stalking my every move- this would really get me in trouble!!! Was watching the scrolling script on CNN ,and noted a study to determine the effects of drinking coffee too soon, in life, not in the day!!! I need that steady stream of caffeine pulsating through my cold inert veins- Trouble is, they , didn't report on the conclusions- a lot of good that was-
Another study found that rats living in sewers and filth were healthier than rats living in antispectic lab conditions--- Think about that- Are the results of all rat experiments transferrable to humans? Maybe Mike can answer that, having previous experience with rats, in a lab setting, I might add, although I do remember his two pet rats, Ace and Gary, who, by the way died shortly after giving them to his little brother Philip, leaving us to deal with the trauma and aftereffects!!!! Back to the study, I digress, Does that really mean that WE would be healthier living in sewers and filth-- good news for me, bad news for Teahound-----No really, how does that study apply to anything but rats--------- Mikki used to have a company of rats- don't know the collective noun for rats either, but I did find out about ducks- a raft of ducks, or a paddle of ducks- just in case you were wondering- Here comes Frank with my Tim's -----

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Rainy Day Saturday

Such a bleak dreary day outside, lots of love and laughter inside-- Alexis impersonating Dizzy Gillespie and Aussie with his backpack- much improved from that "pink" Dora backpack I got him for his birthday--- sorry about that, Tim, just had to do it!!! Austin has progressed from Wiggles idolization, to Dora- don't know if that's progress- Quiet weekend on the homefront- Usual baby tending activities- Nothing much on tv except repeating news of the death of Aaron Spelling and Patsy Ramsey-- and of course those "terrorists" in Miami- think they'll have a rough time proving a case against them- they didn't have money, weapons, ammuniton, or brains- At least the Canadian intelligence kept our home growns under surveillance until they had secured weapons and chemicals for bomb making- I think they needed to prove they were up to par with the Canadians--- and of course divert attention from the mess they've made in Iraq-- these guys weren't even Muslim--- hardly the profile for an alQueda cell- the only one with ties to al-Queda was the undercover agent setting them up- at least that's what their defense says, public provided defense that is, because they can't afford their own counsel -time will tell- My guess is they'll get off and once again Uncle Sam will have egg on his face- This rain must be putting a damper on the lobster festival- Posted by Picasa

Friday, June 23, 2006

Connie's Swan Song

Don't you think this is a bad career move for someone who doesn't have much of a career left anyway?

Late Breaking News!!!

Frank just handed me the phone, and said "It's the Prime Minister's Office on the line" Me;Yeah, right- who is it?
Frank- No really, it's Steven Harper's office calling you--Oh God, I think, what did I write in my blog? Did I say something that CSIS might have read? Every guilty act I"ve ever committed, (none, of course) whirls through my head like a fast forward video --Give me that phone!!! "Hello"
"Yes, this is Steven Harper's office calling- party volunteers tell us you are a supporter."
Me, "What?" She repeats her opening with an added is that right?
"I'm not prepared to answer that" I say She says, "Sorry, good-bye""
The number on my phone display is 613-667-9649 in case you want to get in touch with the Prime Minister--doesn't beat the John Hamm story, but shook me up!!!

Frank just walked in the room and asked me what they wanted- I told him to read my blog- we seem to be communicating much better these days- but now I'm wishing I had gone along with the caller-

Random Thoughts for Dummies

Don't mean to insult any reader with my title, was inspired by Dr. Ruth's new book- CLICKING ON THE LINK AT YOUR WORKPLACE MAY LEAD TO DISMISSAL !!!
1. Matt Lauer -Britney Spears interview: couldn't get past her chomping gum and his bare feet in shoes- that's as bad as wearing socks with sandals!!!
2. Namibia- new birthing capital of the world
3. Pictures of a dead al-Zarqawi - wasn't it not too long ago the US cried foul when pictures of their fallen soldiers were gallantly displayed??
4. Canada leading the world in their ban of teflon, non-stick cookware-- darn, too late for me- I spent a fortune on those non-stick frying pans-- but maybe we're safe because the food actually sticks- unless that means we've already ingested the carcinogenic compounds?
5. Trying to pass a bill against "drowsy driving"--hm, how will that be measured or enforced?
6. The tv show Grey's Anatomy- based on true stories- yes, even the pregnant man- his football sized tumour had traces of teeth and bones, and he tested positive on a pregnancy test--- It's the delivery I'd be worried about!!!
7. I can't think of number seven, but if you've read this far, then perhaps my title is apt. Care to share your random thoughts with this dummy???

Thursday, June 22, 2006

THIS IS NOT AN AD .......ok, it is

Found this gem about a year ago, and it became a keeper- a vital link in the chain of my oft repeated meal cycle-- Not only is it simple to prepare, the chops are oh so moist and "cut with a fork" tender- important factor for those of us with less than adequate grinders--Then for some obscure reason, they disappeard off the shelves - Sobeys, Superstore, Red&White- nowhere to be found- UNTIL - the giant WalMart came to town- My supply ran out tonight- gourmet dinner- So Frank, the provider of food, will have to make a special Bag'n Season run- Try it out and let me know- was I right? I'm not working for the company, but am open to accepting gratitude for endorsement of their product- cash only please. Posted by Picasa

Strawberry Shortcake

Second glorious day of summer- season for strawberries and rhubarb- Five years ago when we moved her, there was a huge rhubarb patch beside the barn- Yippee, I thought as visions of my mom's homemade pies danced through my head--- But it seems the said rhubarb had a magnetic effect on Billy's leg lifting- first place he headed to relieve himself!!! Thus, no rhubarb pies, crisp, muffins etc. The patch is gone- but I can't help wondering everytime I eat rhubarb pie!!!!! Lesson: Wash those fruits before eating, and know where your rhubarb came from- Also had strawberry shortcake last week- yummy- but Alexis is the best dessert of all- it's absolutely impossible to feel anything but happiness and love when looking into those innocent endearing blue eyes-- a bundle of pure joy= and lest anyone be misled by my last posts, I am not in need of cheering up, surrounded by people I love- Introspection and reflection does not equate with sadness- I have so much to be thankful for- Life is good!!! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Happy summer solstice- glorious day- But maybe you'd better stop reading now- I'm in need of self-therapy again, remember, that was the purpose of my blog- Can't seem to stop thinking of destiny, predestination, choices, and meant to bes, so maybe if I commit it to "paper", I can give it a rest and go on to enjoy this first day of summer-- Watching my weed filled "flower" garden helped me to sort out some matters- You see a seed has a destiny, and a preordained purpose- to become a flower, fruit, nut, tree- whatever genetic makeup lies latent within---Beyond turning to the sun, and reaching out for nutrients, it has little power to control its development- It may get mowed down before blooming, or a negligent gardener may not tend to removing weeds- there is one weed in particular in my little garden that seeks out other plants, gains a chokehold, and strangles the life out of them- they are powerless to escape without intervention--- My Point? All of us have a latent destiny- a genetic blueprint- and a potential to fulfill- Unlike plants, we can exercise free will and may choose to circumvent our growth, or others may in some way, influence our development- I can never accept that it was Chris's destiny to die as he did, he had so many talents and virtues, what could have been was his destiny- I don't believe he was born to fall prey to his predisposition to addictions-- and I will never believe that it was preordained that he die at 25-- And as for ther being no bad choices- don't think so- Chris would be the first to admit that he made some terrible choices, with dire consequences- I have to think that at some point along the way, an intervention would have changed the course of events in his life- He begged for help--knew the drugs had a chokehold- but I had already checked out on him, and there were no services around here to pick up the slack- he needed a tender, knoweldgeable gardener to free him - and in the end, I know he was rescued, by the All Forgiving, All Loving, Merciful Gardener- Maybe, now, I can give it a rest for awhile, and go rescue those flowers , if it isn't already too late--

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Since my last post was rather sombre, I thought I should end the day on a lighter note- This is "my" school, until June 30, that is- as the end of the month looms closer, I am thinking about when I should go in to clean out 32 years of accumulated junk and treasures- boxes of papers, books, memorabilia- sort of like cutting the cord- Expect it to be emotional, but liberating- Every ending is a new beginning and I am looking forward to the next chapter- or a new book- You can go on a virtual tour by clicking Meadowfields- It is a remarkable school, not just structually, but in all the ways that matter- I was so fortunate to end my career teaching the subject I love most--Math-- with wonderful colleagues. But I"m done- no regrets on that front- have had the opportunity to touch and be touched by so many children over the years- and made lasting friendships with colleagues who shared my good times and carried me through the hard times- And I feel gratitude- and pride- I loved the kids, and pray that I in some small way made a positive difference in their lives, as they did in mine. But I'm where I need to be---- end of story-


There is a scientific term which eludes me now- critical stages in the development of any organism- e.g. Kittens whose eyes are prevented from opening at the "right" time, remain permanently blinded , even when their eyes are opened later- timing- (what a horrible experiment) Seeing our family picture of the "happy days" makes me wish there was a rewind button for life- but then, how would we know when to press stop- at what moment could we have made a critical difference that would change the course of future events? And of course, we would probably make the same mistakes- since it is those mistakes which have brought us to the understanding and knowledge we have today- A futile effort- but I always wonder, and analyze, and over analyze- what could, should I have done differently- What was the critical point- Don't expect any answers, and definately not looking for sympathy- just trying to make sense of it all- that eludes me too-

Monday, June 19, 2006

Funny Cat Video

This is for all you cat lovers out there!

Life Lessons ???

Do you think I need to learn this lesson? Since most of you are in someway related to my grandchildren, seems to me you at least must feign some degree of interest in tracking their development-- so this is one life lesson I'm not interested in learning!!!"The old grey mare ain't what she used to be, ain't what she used to be, ..." Should really be "The old grand-mere" This being my much needed and eagerly anticipated day of rest--- Saturation- "condition of being full to or beyond satisfaction" Our house surpassed satiety this weekend- in fact we had to kick Philip out for a couple of nights so Austin could have his room- Austin's room, that is- Note to Michael: This condition does not apply to you and your family- we will build on, sleep in our camper, a tent, kick out a few animals,give up our bedroom, do whatever it takes- Don't want to give you any excuses not to come home.Speaking of baby pictures, Jennah has first baby syndrome- you know, you have a million pictures of baby one, then number two comes along- not that number two is coming along for Jennah, but she had over 300 pictures printed of Alexis- tens of which were identical poses, just close-ups or zoom outs- Hint:: Your baby is beautiful but she won't be thanking you for all the nostril close-ups!!! I guess she thinks that deleting even one somehow wipes out that moment in time-Maybe she's right- I apologize to Chris and Philip for being "seconds"- only in the numerical sense of course- and for my not taking as many pictures- Alexis had her six month needles today- all is well, she can now sit up, roll over, and manages to do a 180 in her crib, the contortions required I can't even imagine- I need a third hand at feeding time to keep up the pace between spoonfuls- hasn't mastered delayed gratification, (either have I,) and one hand to keep her toes out of her mouth- accounting for the green pea stains on her toes-Did you hear about the domesticated gosling in PEI testing positive for bird flu? It's getting closer-- What is the noun for a group of ducks- you know, gaggle of geese, pod of whales, school of fish, This picture is one of several groups of ducks frequenting our front yard- I told them to STAY AWAY FROM GEESE emmigrating from PEI !!!! My word for the day is obsequious- you get a point for everytime you use it correctly- or one of its variants--- Do you think our blog entries yesterday were obsequious?? Na, they were truly sincere. Life Lessons: Don't leave a new stroller out in the rain.and Take lots of pictures of your second baby!

Sunday, June 18, 2006


Being a father is an act of conception, being a dad, is being---When we first got together, Frank had two sons, Jason and Jeremy (superimposed bookends) I had Mike and Chris, and we had Jennah and Philip- but Frank is dad to all my children- Not only did he adopt Mike and Chris legally, he accepted them emotionally in his heart, long before paper made the bond legal- When Michael was about six or seven, suffering from probable growing pains in his legs, Frank looked at me in dismay and said,"You don't think he inherited it from me???" It referred to the genetic trait in his family for weak knees, and a brother with MS. Such a simple question- to me spoke volumes-- he loves selflessly, unconditionally, and passionately- He is so proud of all of them- they are his life- So thank you Frank, for being the dad to my children--- Posted by Picasa

Saturday, June 17, 2006


Through all our ups and downs, changes and chances of life, he's been our one constant
- our rock, our anchor, our Dad.
"His gentle means of sculpting souls took me years to understand." Dan Fogelberg


Friday, June 16, 2006


Gorgeous day today- Don't worry Jennah, we didn't stay out too long- need to get sunscreen for Alexis, protect her sensitive skin from those nasty UV rays- though lately we haven't had to worry about sun-
This is our Aussie weekend- Frank took him shopping for batteries , popsicles, and Kraft Dinner- essentials!!
Now that I've got all the serious matters out of the way for awhile, I'll do a bit of ranting---Sunday shopping on the provincial news- touchy subject- I have no bone to pick with those who vote against the idea based on their religious convictions- day of rest- BUT why do these same people who vote nay, leave church and go to restaurants, fill up gas, go to the theatre, shop at the Red&White, go Frenchying, etc. etc, etc,- Are these essential services?? Don't they believe those workers are also entitled to their day of rest? It's not the belief I'm against, it's the HYPOCRISY----I've seen them----so if you choose to inflict your religious convictions on us, the least you could do is live by them yourselves---A better solution, vote for Sunday shopping- you're not obliged to participate in this ungodly practice, but at least allow those whose day of worship may not be Sunday to spend our money as we see fit---

In case you're wondering about the digestive system of the downstairs beast, it was a one day phenomenom- the result of swallowing a bottle of Vitamin C- well, not the bottle, the contents- I strongly advise anyone to not take more than the recommended dosage of said Vitamin- nasty consequences-- and my Gillette Sensor Excel for women works just fine!! I even wore my new shorts today, longer than shorter, had to lay down on the bed to do up the zipper, no room for growth- I don't want to grow anymore!!!

Thursday, June 15, 2006


She loved her dog, Missy- her friend, walking companion, faithful to the end- in fact she made me promise that we would bury her ashes with the dog, beside a tree on our lakefront footage- It may seem absurd to most, but Missy was her everything, and I don't think she ever recovered from the loss- but it just didn't sit right with all of us- so we decided there was no harm in waiting a year- unity and agreement was more important- we have to believe that a mother would not wish the placement of her ashes to be the cause of contention among her children- So now it seems clear, thanks to our blogging- and inspiration- It also makes more sense to inter her ashes next to her mother , father, and sister, where her name is already engraved- And there seems to be a wisdom in having a small piece of the planet, consecrated to the remembrance of our loved ones- a permanent place - immortalized in stone- a reminder to all that this person lived and loved and will be remembered--a place of solitude, reflection, and communion- a place-- Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

one hundred eighty degrees

I had fully intended on writing the usual drivel and depravity, that was before my walk- my walk with Billy on the Maple Grove trail- which borders Riverside Cemetery- where we stop for a rest and prayer at Chris's grave- haven't been there for almost a year- but today I felt that yearning- and leaning against the granite, was this picture of Chris and his brother Jeremy, a picture i had never seen before- I'm always grateful that Chris is remembered, and I brought the picture home to scan- and will return it to Chris- At first I was taken aback, thinking his face was beaten and bruised, but after a phone call to Jeremy, I was relieved to find out that was not the case- it was in fact a great night, Chris clowning around as usual, having fun with the guys- and Jeremy left it there on the anniversary of Chris's death- Thank you Jeremy, for the picture, and for a captured moment of happiness in Chris's life- he loved his family. Now I 'm feeling a little too sombre to be foolish, but I did have some good stories- another time- thanks for letting me share, and if you are a random reader, feel free to leave a comment.  Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Self ::: Take the Crestor at Noon, the Nytol at night !!!! How hard can that be?
After my revolting doggie post, I took a nap, feeling somewhat drowsy,after mistaking nytol for crestor, in the middle of a deep sleep, the phone rings- PC party candidate reminding me to vote-- $%%^&&;& Fall asleep again-
phone rings- NDP John Deveau wondering when we're going to vote--- I had been undecided, but am now distinctly leaning towards the Liberal candidate WHO DID NOT WAKE ME UP TODAY!!!! No, I didn't neglect the baby, she was visiting her other grandmother - Why doesn't Nytol work that good at night???

Dog Days of Summer

Let's get right to the heart of the matter- I'm not really trying to outdo Mikki with regurgitation stories, trust me, this was not an experience I relish or cherish, but somehow feel compelled to share with you--- Jennah left at six am to take her SO to Halifax for a dr. appt (broke his foot kick-boxing- let's not go there!) So of course I was awake to make sure she was awake- (old habits die hard) Alexis didn't wake up until nine, her usual wake up time--- I never had a baby sleep in that late, until they were teenagers- but the baby wasn't the problem-- THE DOG-Jennah left a note asking Philip to take out the Brute, but duh- Just because Philip has a messy room here, doesn't mean he's here - he isn't- so I'm freaking out thinking about the "poor" little beast, until Frank comes home at noon- my chance - now Brutus may be only half my weight, but all 75 pounds of him are pure muscle mass, no match for my 150 pounds of body fat-- I'm trying to hang on to the leash for dear life, he pulls me down to the lake, and drinks, and drinks, deeper and deeper- get the idea! The disgusting part? He also has liquid streaming from 3 orifices, two of which were NOT nostrils--- are you totally repulsed? So was I- but I must confess to feeling mercy for his condition, Philip, where are you when I need you??
I'm posting early because as I was swallowing my crushed up pill (have a phobia of swallowing pills) I realized it was Nytol instead of Crestor!!!!! Feeling a little tired about now, but will be forced to do a minimum of housework as I changed our study group night to Tuesday, so I could participate without baby interruptus, but Jennah probably won't be home in time--- Gotta lie down, thank you for letting me share that disgusting story- should probably let him out more frequently today- Kaopectate for dogs???

Monday, June 12, 2006

Rainy Days and Mondays!!!!!

Okay, it wasn't raining today, but it goes good with Monday---- absolutely beautiful sunny day, but I had no shorts to wear (that fit) So I bit the bullet, and invested in some LARGER summer attire- and a Lady's Razor- I've been going European for awhile, a long while!! Shampoo for legs while!!!
I know Traveling Man will like Aussies shirt- isn't his haircut cute? We went down to the lake and threw rocks for Billy to catch in the water- trouble is, Billy swallowed them- and he's wet and stinky- (Billy, that is)
Stopped in to see Dad's new Acer monitor- talked to him about bikini pictures!!! Took advantage of Jennah's day off- but I wasn't a complete sloth, and I kept a grip on gluttony- lust? no worries on that count- so it's just envy, greed , and what were the other two? I'm still stuck on the 7 signs of aging- would chec
king the obituaries every day be one? As you have figured out, not much on my mind today- not much anyday- Frank came home at lunch and headed straight for the computer- to blogcheck- We actually enjoyed the same show on tv two nights ago- Sense and Sensibility- we both like those old English style shows, people were so prim and proper on the outside, naughty inside-
I knew Fireguy would be upset about the Toronto shirt, so the fireman's for you- you can steal it, I did!!! Supposed to rain tomorrow!!!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

A Thought from Frank

A Thought

Mothers, Fathers, Daughters, Sons, Sisters, Brothers
And still they come
Grand, and Great Grand, and on it goes
Where it ends, only God knows
We age, this day becomes the past
The old homestead overrun with grass
The foot falls of our family linger
When mother, father, daughters, sons, sisters, brothers, pass
Its more than their foot fall that echoes here
Its their hearts, their souls we hold fast
Be happy, be happy, be happy, is what I hear
From those who have passed, those who are near
Mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, brothers, sisters,
The greats, and still they come!


The first word on my mind this morning was--- gluttony!! The word I was trying to think of last night, my brain must have been semi-active whilst sleeping- anywho- getting back to gluttony- after last night's feast- I seemed preoccupied with the number seven- and lo and behold, to my dismay, I learned that gluttony was one of the 7 deadliest sins and my penance in hell is horrifying- read all about it- not for the faint of heart- then horror of horrors, I found out that sloth is a deadly sin too---now I"m in deep trouble----you should read the punishment for sloth!!!!! Yikes!!!! Disclaimer: Let it be known that this author in no wise subscribes to the viewpoints expressed on those web pages!!!! Nor should those of weak intelligence!!! Being fed to snakes, force-fed rats, the things nightmares are made of--- but I think I will try to curb my gluttoness and slothfullness impulses- just in case!!!!!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Wasn't That a Party!!!

Just got back from Dan's birthday party- which was actually Tammie's going away party- which she had figured out- I don't want to steal Teahound's thunder, but the food- There was deep fried turkey, barbecued pork roast, salmon, hamburgs, chicken, salads galore, lasagna, desserts, and I am stuffed- can't breathe stuffed, feel like I'm going to explode stuffed- isn't that a mortal sin- what's it called? Anyway, it was nice to see everyone, and I have lots of pictures, but I'll send them to teahound to post as she sees fit-
I was wondering about the Olay- total effects night cream- the ad says it fights the seven signs of aging- But it didn't say WHAT they were- and I need to know- I know there are 7 dwarves, 7 wonders of the world, 7 days in a week, but what are the seven signs of aging--I just realized that I haven't checked my email in days- when I"m at the computer, well, if you're reading this, you know what I've been doing!
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He Sees!!

I know I've posted this before, but with the B&W effect, Frank actually saw Chris, quite clearly, He's still crying, but I think it's one of those butterflies!!! Posted by Picasa