Friday, September 18, 2009

Motorcycle Madness....

Remember the "olden" days when all things evil were associated with the M word--mayhem, mischief, murder and motorcycles!! Nowadays, the cyclists are white-haired, balding, Tim Horton's drinking seniors---that's me!!! And I do find myself looking much too long at those M in black leather,, wondering , wishing, just maybe there's an M in my future???

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Scandalous??? NOT

No disrespect to Roman Catholics out there,, but I can't understand why they keep calling the story of Father Cutie (yes, that's his name, really, I'm not kidding, google it) a SCANDAL,,, pictures surfaced of him canoodling with a woman,,,did you hear me--- woman-- adult female!! A modern day hero, breaker of stereotypical molds---- and might I add,,, not hard to look at-- Way to go Father!!!
You should be "embraced" by RC hierarchy -touted as the new look of priesthood---guaranteed increased membership,, maybe even mine!!!


Have never been able to plunge in----always admired those who could dive headfirst into our cold Atlantic oceans, lakes, and pools--but I am missing the cleansing therapy blogspot affords! and interaction with amazing people, not possible through facebook--- So today I dip in one toe,,,,, ewwww,,it's cold!!!
Of course this is not MY leg, as evidenced by previous photo-it is much too sleek and cleanly shaven,,,no varicose or spider veins, cellulite,,,