Sunday, September 30, 2007

Much Ado about the Lou !!

The door opened softly, followed by the pitter patter of Lexy's bare feet.
"Hi Nannan" she squealed --
I greeted her in like manner and continued on with the business at hand, thinking, "I should have locked the bathroom door"--
Upon hearing the familar sound of flowing liquid, she jumped up and down in jubilation, clapping her hands wildly, "Awesome, awesome--" she repeated excitedly, as if I'd perfomed some amazing feat.
Jennah,, do you think we're getting a bit too excited about her peeing in the potty?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Chapter Two

Friday was bittersweet--- the last official day of picking up Aussie from his babysitter's as we have done every day for the past two and a half years--- Can you believe he is starting school on Monday?? Pre-primary !!! They keep pushing up the dates when kids can enter the school system--- soon they'll just have the school bus stop at the delivery room!!
I knew it had to happen someday-- just wasnt prepared for the emotions -- but it's not about me--- he's so ready to experience all that life has to offer and face every new challenge--- it reminds me of the day I left Michael in Ottawa---- So sad,, but so necessary--- going through a new door--- and letting go!!
And this is a picture of his new friend Taylor,,, the Sunday morning after the Saturday night he met her down on the waterfront concert--- they danced for hours---- she wanted him to sleepover at her nanny's house,,, he begged, pleaded all the way to her house--- the only way we could appease the two of them was for Taylor's granny to promise she would bring her over to our house early Sunday morning!! Watch out Mandy,, he's a girl magnet!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pics of Upper Clements

Happiest Day of Summer!!!

Lest you think all is not well,,,, not so!! Much good news to share-- in random order of importance----

Welcome to the world,,Ava Michelle Amon,, daughter of Jeremy and Denise, born Sept.7--- our eighth grandchild!! She's a beauty !!

Mike and Rebecca are moving to Halifax in January!! I hardly dared to write it --- didn't really dare to believe --somehow fearing the writing of it would cause it not to happen!!

And if those two events weren't enough to be ecstatic about--- Jennah will be moving in to her very own "mini-home" (wink, wink) in mid October----

And then there was the happiest day of summer---

our August trip to Upper Clements Park with Aussie, Lexy, Jennah , Mandy & Tim.

It doesn't get better!!! (Except if H would plan a trip to North America--- --)