Monday, December 25, 2006


Saturday, December 23, 2006

"A Tale of Two ...."

Emotions-- "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times"---
Thursday night was the best-- we had all of the grandchildren, minus Alex and Madison, up for supper and gifts--- Christmas is such madness, they get so many presents- to avoid the frenzy and get in some quality time makes sense--- they'll remember the togetherness long after who gave what gift---
Maxing out the credit cards, relying on overdraft protection---- not so great--- but this too shall pass!
My strength was always mathematics--- predictable, analytical, logical-----A positive cancels a negative and inequalities can be turned into equalities--- Not so this time of year--- Positive two (Austin & Lexy) doesn't clear Negative two (Mom & Chris) In fact, joy somehow multiplies sorrow- their absence is deeply felt--- Christmas was alway Mom's time of year-- She loved watching us open the too many gifts she'd buy--- she'd tease and torture us with anticiapation- and she looked forward to sharing dinner---- And Chris,, I miss him everyday--- and in the most tender moments with Austin, there is sadness- It's funny how joy and sorrow can dwell together in the same heart at the same time, but I am thankful for the joy----- maybe it's more like a teeter-totter--- and there is a balance--- Gotta get busy preparing for the Christmas dinner which we have on the 24-- Merry Christmas to all---

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Auspicious Month!!

Seems our family likes to get all special occasions over with in one month!!! Well, not all- but

Happy first birthday Lexy! on Dec. 15

Happy fourth birthday Alex and

Happy Anniversary Denise and Jeremy on Dec. 17!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Blogger BeDamned!

Since enticement has not worked, they're now getting nasty-- coercion-- holding us holdouts hostage-- HOW? Not letting us leave comments on Beta Blogs!!! I have already wasted hours trying to leave comments for H, HB, and Lizza---the ultimate torture---- I can feel myself so close to clicking on Beta---it's cruel and unusual punishment to be made mute, muffled, silenced---- this plan may just work!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Think out of the box !!

Money saving hint, especially at this time of year--- They prefer the box over the gift!! Children , that is-- whereas we women prefer the contents of the very small jewelry box!!!

Note to Frank: Hint Above!
(amethyst, his birthstone)

May I please write about the crappiest Christmas present I ever received?? Please?? Pretty pleeeeease?? I think it may have even been grounds for divorce, but I'm still here!! Unless you were really trying to think of a not so subtle way to get rid of me--- gotta laugh at yourself sometimes Franklyn-- please let me tell the story!!!!!! about the t----- s--- you thought I'd be so thrilled to s-it on!!!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Mom and Marsha

The face I see in the orb is Mom as she looked here-- only her face is turned the other wa, towards Austin, and her mouth is open-- the face is around ten or eleven o'clock and is completely contained wihthin the orb, not to be confused with the actual person in the background as seen in the larger picture from which the orb was cropped.
I outlined the face as I see it with black .

Friday, December 08, 2006

Can't Help Myself !!

For those of you who are uncomfortable with my (obsession) interest in spiritual orb phenomena, stop reading now!!!!!
They first came to my attention 4 months after Chris died, as I was reviewing the pictures that Jason gave us on disc, taken in the aftermath, when Mike was home to attend the funeral. Seven of the over hundred pics had unusual glowing orbs of light, varying in intensity and size--- I cropped, pasted, magnified the most obvious ones,--- and I saw the face of Chris and Frank's dad in two of them--
I knew there were far more people at Austin's birthday party than the naked eye could see-- I magnified the brightest orb, and in the left upper portion, I clearly see my mother's face, as she looked in her younger , most beautiful days--- brown hair-- to verify my sanity,, both Frank, (who never "sees") recognized her instantly------ so did Jennah--
The funny thing is, had she been alive , she wouldn't have been at his party--- she never really "took" to the whole grandmother experience--- sad---- but it makes me feel good to know that just maybe we really do continue to progress and learn about the important things we missed in this life!!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

How Many Children do you Have?

It was an innocent enough question, asked casually to me by the guy working out on the leg lift machine next to me---- about six months after Chris died and I had garnered the strength to face the world, that was somehow still revolving and carrying on with one less red head---
It took me so by surprise---
I burst into tears, covered my face, and couldn't figure out how to answer that simple question-- the question that had always been rather complicated anyway---
I had worked it out to say-"Three sets of two"-- Math being my favourite subject-- 3 x 2 =6
I had two boys, my husband had two boys, then we had a girl and a boy--- so it was a complicated six----
But now I had to rethink so many things---
How many children do I have?--
While I"m a blubbering idiot, the poor guy beside me, Gerald, the nicest man in the universe, is berating himself, apologizing and just wishing he could somehow erase the question---
poor guy-- he smiles and walks on by whenever he sees me in public--
Don't blame him--- I've reworked it all out though, so I'm prepared --
"Three sets of two--- scattered all over the place!"

In fact , if you take a trip to Mike's blog, you'll see pictures of now "four" Amons populating the continent of Australia!!

Monday, December 04, 2006

What a Difference a Day Makes!!

Looking through the new window-- gently falling fresh carpet of snow---crisp, fresh, pure, --

Now get on over to Mike's blog---ASAP !!!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

There's a Hole !!!!!

In our heads!!!!
What Northern Hemisphere idiots would replace windows in December---it actually wasn't too cold yesterday,,,,that's the good news!!
The bad news--- the %&%% windows don't fit!!!! It took all day to get one window installed, when the plan was to get all eleven in place-- so tomorrow mornng, we're heading off to battle with UJR in Meteghan--- for the fifth time !!! They can't get the measurements right,, the same guy measured the same windows three times, with different results each time,
they only delivered ten instead of eleven,
and on, and on--
the even worse news is that we've paid for them ---
the delivery guys couldn't leave them without the moolah,,,
and the temperature has taken a drastic drop-- But, I have checked with my new best friends at Mastercard, who are prepared to do battle with us in this dispute, and if we are not satisfied, it's nice to know the transaction can be reversed-- but first we have to go back , again, and find out what they are prepared to do---
and it was no small transaction!!!!
Lots of Air Miles!!
"U J Robichaud,,, The Amons are coming!!"

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Check out Mandy's Pics of Austin !!!

Isn't he something???

I take back my remark about ludicrious and inconsequential !!


de·noue·ment also dé·noue·ment (dā'n-mäɴ') n.
The final resolution or clarification of a dramatic or narrative plot.
The events following the climax of a drama or novel in which such a resolution or clarification takes place.
The outcome of a sequence of events; the end result

"an·ti·cli·max (ān'tē-klī'māks', ān'tī-) n.
A decline viewed in disappointing contrast with a previous rise: the anticlimax of a brilliant career.
Something trivial or commonplace that concludes a series of significant events: After a week of dramatic negotiations, all that followed was anticlimax.
A sudden descent in speaking or writing from the impressive or significant to the ludicrous or inconsequential, or an instance of it: "Waggish non-Yale men never seem weary of calling 'for God, for Country and for Yale' the outstanding single anticlimax in the English language" (Time"

Denouement, anti-climax ??? If this blog was a novel,
I'm in --anti-climax-- blogging blahs-
If it were a love affair, the honeymoon's over-
A sexual experience, the turning away-

The climax???? Ruby Sunset !!
The purpose?? Ruby Sunset
The fruition?? Ruby Sunset

All future posts will therefore be ludicrous or inconsequential!!