Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Last Post ...for awhile!!

Yup---we're Keji bound for two glorious weeks! First ten days, alone,,, then four days with Aussie!!! Making memories time!!

Note to self:: Don't forget to bring the canned prunes and /or dried apricots!! OMG, I have a deep respect and admiration for those people who can sit on a public toilet seat,, inches away from another such positioned person, divided by a supposed partition,,, open at top and bottom ----AND JUST LET IT ALL OUT--EXPLOSIVE AND SOUND BARRIER BREAKING!! How do they do that, then just walk out as if no ones' olfactory and auditory nerves have been bombarded, smile, sometimes wash their hands, and carry on!! I give anal retentive a whole new meaning--- okay,,, I've embarrassed my offspring--but when I turn off the computer tonight,, that'll be it for two weeks--- in more ways than one!!!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

The more things change ....

The more they stay the same !!! If'n I could even get in that position today,, I daresay some elements of the picture would be the same!!!!
That bladder repair job I had a few decades ago didn't quite do the job--okay,, okay,, too much information,,, I know!!
P.S. And I thought they were impressed with my gymnastic abilities!!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

"New" Van

We pondered, debated, hummed and hawed---- it seemed too good to be true-- price was right-- immaculate exterior and interior-no minutae of rust--- BUT-- lots of miles!!! What to do?? Give me a sign-- I need a sign-- I implored, as we sat in the parking lot of the used car dealer for the nth time---- what to do!!! If only we knew who the previous owner was!!! hmmm-- when into the lot pulled a new gold van--- the owner , a 77 year old man just checking up on his "baby"-- the Dodge Caravan he had purchased new in 1998 and took care of with kid gloves--even had every detail of service for the past nine years!!! So Happy Birthday Jennah!!

Happy Birthday Jennah!!!

You just get more beautiful with each passing year!!

Love you so much, my sweet baby girl!