Saturday, July 22, 2006

Gone Camping--Be Back Aug. 4

Kejimkujik National Park vacation----

Here are some pics of keji vacations--- not ours--- but you get the idea------

Thursday, July 20, 2006

"Chris Amon" Inlet

I'm not going crazy folks-- it has occurred to me how difficult it is for people to find Chris' s website-- do a google search for Chris Amon, he's a famous race car driver with hundreds of pages on the web -a New Zealander I think, but he's not my chris, no mention of the "real" Chris Amon-- I was thinking how lucky I was that Gillian ran into Maryn, that Maryn remembered his website name, that they even spoke of Chris, and finally, a message was left--- more than words--- Chris touched a lot of lives in his short lifespan, so I am hoping by repeating his name enough times, this webspace, instead of just being my freaking outlet, will also become an inlet for those in search of Chris Amon, Christopher Ryan Amon, the red-haired guitar playing guy from Yarmouth Nova Scotia--- that should cover all the bases - If you've been directed to this page through a google search, I'm his mom, leave a comment, or check out his website through the link to your left---- here's hoping!!!

Jennah just told me in order for google to pick it up, I should have his name at least four times , so here goes---Chris Amo n, Chris Amon, Chris Amon, Chris Amon, Chris Amon, Chris Amon, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Chris Amon Yarmouth nova scotia, Christopher Amon, Chris Amon nova scotia, chris amon nova scotia, chris amon yarmouth nova scotia----

I see I've attracted a spam artist----please don't click on the blue link under the anonymous comment- I may have to change my comment settings, but would hate to not allow anyone to comment-- does anyone know aboout these pests?? OK it's gone now, I just deleted it--

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Missing "INACTION"

Where are you Tuffysmom?
Last seen sitting on couch at Mikki's.

Another Bubble Burst

After reading my post about pumpkin pie and oscar, Mike sent me an email with a special request-- the post reminded him of how much he missed my cheesecake--- it had a distinct taste that he just hasn't been able to replicate-- could I please send him my recipe and his mother in law would try to bake it--- oh, lovely son, I now have to come clean-- the only cheesecake I ever made for you came from Mr. Kraft- in a box- jello--Real Cheesecake it was called-- directions on the box- 3 easy steps-- I always covered it with a can of cherry pie filling-- sent Frank to town to get a box just now--- the ingredients read like a college chemistry course-- (sugar, dextrose, partially hydrogenated coconut, palm kernel and soybean oils, cheese powder(modified milk ingredients lactic acid, bacterial culture, BHA)Corn syrup solids, modified potato starch, sodium phosphates, lactic acid, modified milk ingredients, calcium sulphate, dipotassium phosphate, salt, mono and di-glycerides, propylene glycol monostrearate, hydroxyphropyl methylcellulose, artificial and natural flavour, tricalcium phosphate, acetylated monoglycerides, microcrystalline cellulose, hydroxylated soy lecithin, colour contains tartrazine, Enriched wheat flour, soybean oil, graham flour, partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil, glucose-fructose, honey, salt, sodium bicarbonate, monocalcium phosphate, ammonium bicarbonate, artificial flavour, may contain malted barley flour, molasses, calcium carbonate, soybean lecithin, yeast, papain, protease, anylase, sunflower oil, sodium stearoyl-2-lactylate, cellulase, sour dough culture.)

Now which one of these ingredients you've been missing--------definately not real cheese !!!!

Reminds me of when I make hamburgers, Philip doesn't like them because they don't taste like "real" burgers-- you know, like McDonalds !!! So Mike, do you want me to send you a few boxes, or have I ruined the memory ???? sorry

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

"Each morning I wake up...before I put on my..."

make-up, " nah, don't do that anymore, but what I do is pay close attention to my first feelings of the day--- Why? in our Writings there is much written about the next life, and how we can't possibly perceive a spiritual realm while in a mortal frame, yet the dream state is but a tiny glimpse , into another world, where you see without eyes open, hear while seemingly unconscious, yes, even fly-- experience colours, places, persons, while that mortal frame remains inert and semi- lifeless on the bed---- I don't remember my dreams of last night, but I awoke with a strong feeling---- so strong I wanted to share it as soon as i could--- it was no small coincidence that on the day we decide to go to keji, I write about it, what should appear-- a token from Chris, But this morning- I heardhim clearly---"I AM GOING WITH YOU TO KEJI !" This picture of Mike and Chris was taken at Keji, twenty years ago !!!! I am happy !!!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Gotta Brag when I can!!

I used to check his guestbook everyday---- haven't for awhile--- but today I hit the jackpot- it makes me so happy and sad at the same time--- Hope you don't mind if I share this entry--- it made my day!!!!
Referred By:
I was just reminiscing about the good ol' days of Milton with Maryn today and she told me about this website. Chris and I were never super tight friends but he always meant a lot to me. I had the biggest crush on him for years in Elementary and Junior high, and still remember the hilarious conversations we had on the phone (when I finally built up the nerve to call him). He once tried to convince me that he was a leprechaun and had a pot of gold under his bed. After graduating high school and moving away I would always hope to run into him when I would come back to Yarmouth. It only happened once but he was very enthusiastic and genuinely interested in "catching up" with me, even if it only lasted 10 minutes on the sidewalk in front of Jakes. Chris was just one of those guys who could always put someone at ease, make them feel important and show them that they meant something to him. When my cousin told me that he had passed a few years ago, I was immediately saddened that I hadn't made more of an effort to keep in touch with him or that I would not have another chance to run into him. My thoughts and prayers are with his family- I don't think pain like that could ever go away... probably only numbs over time... Just know this, that your son was an amazing guy!


Yup !! Bit the bullet-- made the reservations-- it's a go!! This Sunday, leaving for 12 nights in Keji---- first week alone, next week with Austin-- making memory time!!! Over the years we've tried other places, but they all pale in comparison to Keji--- our retreat-- battery recharger---Lots of happy memories with all the kids, over the years--- swimming at the falls, digging for clay, appreciating wildlife-- except mosquitos--- Had a few years break, seems when kids turn into teenagers, it's not cool to go camping with parents--- they eventually get over that and look back with fond memories--- some of the happiest times of our lives- being together as a family- no tv- no distractions- There were a few crazy times- being stuck in a small camper during a torrential downpour for days with two screaming babies was not one of the good memories !!! Or Philip splitting his head open and rushing him to Annapolis Royal outpatients--- those "no diving" signs were there for a reason!!!! I'm just a little worried about withdrawal------ blogging withdrawal, that is !!!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Two Gorgeous .........

Two Gorgeous females, two gorgeous days in a row--- Yesterday the thermometer read 31C-- and it was hot!! Watched the Seafest Parade in town-- kept waiting for float to glide by, thinking maybe Austin might be on it--- no show--- the parade was kind of a letdown-- except of course for seeing Fireguy riding shotgun in one of the fire engines-- I remember when businesses used to go all out in their construction of floats-- now they just sit a few people in the back of a truck and call it a float-- Travelling Man has pics of long ago parades that would put todays to shame-----
There are four generations of blue eyed females residing in this house-- Poor Frank!!! Pictured is Mema-- Austin came up with that name for Frank's mom, who has lived with us for over fourteen years--- and all those mother-in-law horror stories, not happening here--- she's been a blessing and Godsend to us- and to our children-- We love her immensely---
Fireguy is probably at the races-- see a sea-doo out in the lake pulling a tube-- Frank is whipper snipping, and I'm just sneaking in a blog while Alexis has a short nap---- Wonder when Tuffysmom is coming home--

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Pumpkin Pie and Oscar ???

This innocent scrumptious looking pumpkin pie is actually the trigger for an ongoing battle--- I cannot make pastry !!! That' s a fact !!! No debate- I know the taste of good pastry----Mom made the best--- I've tried every trick in the book-- - yes, I've used ice water, I've tried not handling the dough, I've added more water, more flour, more shortening, NOTHING WORKS !! It's just one of those things you either have the touch for OR you don't ---I DON"T !! Okay at times, i have resorted to the egg- vinegar recipe, but we all know that's piecrust for dummies---- I can handle it-- there are some things I CAN and DO bake well, Pastry is NOT one of them----- So when Frank tells me that the piecrust is really good--- I know better!!! I have taste buds !!! Don't humour me !! I cannot make pastry-- can't we just leave it at that???

So what inspired this tirade--- Connie remarked in one of her comments that I wasn't grouchy !!!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Lucky ??? Shamrock

Much too nice a day to be sitting at the computer, so this will be short and sweet--- Today we got Shamrock back from her winter hiatus, and costly tweaking----- The actual cost was 250% higher than the original estimate that a "friend" gave --back in the fall--- said he'd give us a good deal on labour--- if he could pick away at it all winter and spring--- seemed like a good idea at the time--- but isn't there a life lesson about doing business with friends and family--- should have learned it!!!!! So now we're debating---To sell or not to sell- that is the question--- she's in prime shape right now, and it doesn't seem as if we're going to get much camping in during these golden years--- Really enjoyed our trip to Keji last summer, much needed, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of sense just parking it in our yard to rust----- we'll see-----

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Worried !!

This is a picture of the Shrine of the Bab, situated on Mount Carmel, the Centre of the Baha'i Faith-- The whole mountain came into the hands of the Faith, through serendipitous events, or as some might say, God-willed--- it was rock and desert--- and now is a beautiful garden with terraces, shrines, administration buildings- and I keep hearing on the news that Hezbellah is threatening to fire rockets at Haifa, the city at the foot of Mount Carmel--- Isn't it ironic how the "Holy Land" to all religions, is in dire turmoil and crisis--Why is it the Centre of all major religions-------Why does the sun rise in the east?? Off topic, can't separate who I am from what I believe-- that is who I am-- and today I am worried about the heart of my faith---

Extreme Golf !!

Austin may very well have come up with a new sport-- extreme golf!! He wanted to play on the "jumpy-jumpy", but couldn't bear to leave the golf set behind--- solution ??? Yep- he swings at the ball on top of the trampoline, and Frank and I, sometimes Billy, chase and collect the balls scattered around the yard--- Austin manages to work up a sweat, but it's the ball chasers who get the most exercise !! Do you think he could be on to something here?? Sorry Teahound, Billy has already chewed up two of the balls-- we never could teach him the proper rules of "fetch"---- It's not the fetch part that's the problem, it's the drop out of your mouth part that he can't seem to fathom !!!
Happy days- posts from two of my children-- and I really have to eat crow---for the comments I made about Jennah taking all those close up baby pictures-- they really are sensational- When we were in Australia, Jennah really discovered a passion for photography-- but she was a bit obsessed with trees--- we have about 200 pictures of Aussie trees-- beautiful they are, yes--- but I'm glad she has a new fascination-- do you suppose when she publishes that photography book of Australian trees, I may have to eat more crow--- better learn to develop a taste for crow ---- or stop criticizing--- which would be easier ?????
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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


This is not the man of my dreams- by no means-- he plays Ken Barlow on Corrie St. Last Sunday he caught his wife Deirdre, sneaking a puff in the backyard, after assuring him that she had quit the nasty habit---- Ken went balistic---- He told her it wasn't so much the smoking , as the secrecy and sneakiness---- deceitfulness and dishonesty---- it felt to him like she was in fact cheating on him, having an affair with nicotine behind his back---infidelity--- Ken Barlowe is a bit of a bore, a teacher bore, a retired teacher bore, an anal retentive retired teacher bore----- Hmm-- I remember having this same conversation with Frank the last time we tried to quit---only I played the part of Ken, and Frank was Deirdre-- almost word for word--- same outrage----- scary looking in a mirror!!!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tying Up Loose Ends

Happy Aussie "Tiger" Woods, with his new golf set, compliments of Teahound--- There was one department store we missed, Saan, so thanks--Austin had a ball-
Thought I'd just tie up some loose ends- the nicotine withdrawal roller coaster ride seems to be levelling out-- thank God, I hear you all say--- There were some mighty low lows--- had my finger on the "delete blog" a few times, but Jennah and Frank talked me down from the edge of blogicide, along with some well timed comments--- I want to make it clear that I have never met an alien, I am not an alien, nor have I ever experienced a close encounter of the third kind--- neither have I experienced a close encounter of the first or second kind----- I believe there may very well be life on other planets and other worlds of God, I have not been to them!!!! Nor would I recognize an alien if we met---- and I am not a member of any secret telepathic club--- nor do I even like ferris wheels any more- they make me dizzy!!!
Poor Jennah, she worries every day, what chaos has her deranged mother been up to-- and should she really be entrusted with the care of her precious daughter? When she read yesterday's title, she was thorougly repulsed, grossed out, disgusted-- and said, "Oh, Mom, what have you done now? I can't read that-- I don't want to read that- her face furrowed in revulsion!!!! Just so you know, Frank did allow me, however reluctantly, to post the Heimlich story-- it seems funny being detached from the situation, but believe me, it is quite frightening while it is happening and I don't mean to make light of it-- I just thought it was over!!!!!!!! Oh, Oh, I see men in white suits coming----- to take me away , ha ha, to the funny farm--------------

Monday, July 10, 2006

Lotsa Action in the Matrimonial Bed !!!!

If you are an offspring of mine, you may not want to read this post- I know how the subject upsets children--- but----how did you think you were conceived??? Okay, Mike, that story I told you about the cabbage patch, wasn't true---or the aliens leaving you in our yard, or storks, or .......Okay, my children, stop reading now---because I 'm about to confess-- there's a lot of action going on in our bed----aside from the regular tossing, turning, kicking off blankets, the snore nudge, -----there has been a semi-regular activity -- I'm sound asleep, and suddenly, Frank jumps up in a flash, pounds on his chest Tarzan style, and is making the most terrifying choking sounds imaginable!!! I jump out of bed, and put into action the only first aid procedure I know---- "Frank!"" Trouble is, he's the victim, counting on me, to do what??? What are you supposed to do when someone has GERD-- I do the only thing I can think of, I wrap my arms around his chest and push up, a poor imitation of the Heimlich manoever---And I'm screaming, what should I do, what should I do--- Of course he can't answer, because that's the problem, he can't breathe!!!!___Obviously, since he's still here, he does eventually come out of it, with no help from me---and I can now write about it because I coerced him into getting his prescription filled- The doctor said if he quit smoking, stopped drinking coffee, and elevated the bed, the condition would ease--- working on number one------ As for other action in the bed--- My restless legs still twitch, bellies get rubbed (Billy's and Oedipus) and there are a lot of OOHs and AAHS---in agony------Frank's reaction to various bodily kinks--- oh yeah, Frank, there's a big wet spot on your side of the bed--- where I was bouncing Alexis after her dinner-- sorry!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

My "TOP TEN" Pet Peeves

10. "Talk to the Hand"---Rude

9. Butting in line---Selfish

8. Telemarketers---Obnoxious

7. Spitting in Public places-----Inconsiderate

6. Furballs---Nasty

5. Left "ON HOLD"---Demeaning

4. "Holier"than thou ---Arrogant

3. Human Parasites---Draining

2. Receptionist at Outpatients-- Curt, Abrupt, Impatient

1. ME on Withdrawal----ALL OF THE ABOVE !!!!!!!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Now I Know Why.....

Now I know---- why Aussies Mama can't find time to blog---- the same reason why Aussies Nannan couldn't get to the computer, until now, now that he is down for the night, or part thereof--- We have to keep the computer turned off, or he wants to look for games which have long since expired- the computer came loaded with games- not quite- they only work for 30 minutes, then , time to ante up the credit card--- difficult to explain to a two year old- a two year old who knows how to click on the HPgames icon, look for the unexpired games, minimize windows, use the escape key, the Back arrow, recognizes "do you want to continue", "Quit Game" "resume Play" etc, etc,--- he shows Frank what to do--(nah, won't say it!) Amazing!!!
Whenever there's a day of sun, we want to take advantage of it--- stay away from computer--- inhale fresh air--- we have now officially searched every department store in this town- four- looking for plastic toy golf clubs---none to be found---if you come across any in your travels, please get them for us-- you never know---- he could turn into the next Tiger Woods!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 07, 2006

HAPPINESS IS ..........

Besides nicotine , we have been Aussie deprived-- his primary babysitter, Barb, took a week off, so he's been staying in Wedgeport, except for today, Frank's day off-- We have him till Sunday--It was so good to see him again--
We went on an excursion to Wal-Mart- looking for kids plastic golf toy set--- all sold out--- so we bought some of those sticky paddle thingies--- BUT -- once again I am confronted with my own "mechanically challenged" disability--- First, I couldn't get Alexis's baby seat out of its cradle---"It's the easiest seat I've ever seen, "says mechanically minded hubby-- "just push on the red button"-- I'm pushing- but it's not working!!!"" I can't do it!!!
After finishing off that 1l bottle of flavoured water, keeping my hand to mouth fetish in check, I need to find the ladies room-- no problem, it's right there by McDonald's , nothing wrong with my sense of direction-- But how do you get the water out of the taps!!!!! Thank God there was no other person watching me go through the futile motions of trying to figure out the secret to water dispensation, I pushed, poked, pulled,---no water----what was so wrong with old fashioned taps-- I just can't keep up with this changing technology-if it has something to do with conserving water, IT WORKS!!! I now have 2 soapy hands, given up on a water source paper towels!!!!!!! Just some silly machine with a red light flashing! That's why I don't go out in public-----I still can't figure out which way to hold the debit card through the scanner---even with instructions pictured-------

but I'm safe at home now, with my babes, happy, happy, happy--------hey connie, tell them about your public washroom story-------------

Aliens and Ferris Wheels

Changed my" vision statement" a few days ago-- thinking about the DFO's in Australia- direct factory outlets- huge malls, no thrills, no extras, bare bone retailing--- Nothing special, what you see is what you get--- -- you know, they know, their purpose-- no hidden agenda--- Had to remind myself what my blogging is about--and I liked those initials-- DFO---Direct Freaking Outlet--that's why I started and why I continue-- if it sounds like I'm freaking out at times, oh well, you're just along for the ride, it's my ride, get off if it makes you dizzy---
About aliens-- if you have to ask if you're in the same "club" , you're not----it's unspoken, like aliens living in a human world, going about their business, until they encounter another alien, there is a telepathic awareness of their unique connection--I'm sure Mikki knows we walk the same path, but ultimately separate, and enter different doors-- I have Frank and she has her sons, the issues and complexities are vastly different-- not more nor less, just different--- and unlike the death of a parent, though heartbreaking and painful, we always expected the ride to end based on when the ride began, there is a natural order, an" it's our turn" mentality--- the problem is when the ride stops too soon---

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Missing You------My Friend????

I miss you my friend--- you've been an integral part of my existence for 4o years-- with a few short breaks every now and then- I remember when we first met under the tree on the old Hebron School playground- hidden from the eyes of administration and the "goodies"- I was shy, and you took me under your wing, you accepted me unconditionally, and made me feel that I had a place in the world- we belonged together-And how I needed you to get me through the tough times- the betrayals, the hurts, the losses--- you brought me comfort and calmed me down to face another day-- so it is with sadness I set you free- they say the cost of our union is lethal, poison, and you will betray me in the end--- I yearn for you- and mourn our separation- I pray that I may not be subjected to severe tests- --that I may not need your solace- so this is your restraining order, Benson & Hedges, leave me alone, our union is terminated--- cease and desist---

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Lexy---Lift OFF !!!

Not quite off, but she's up to "ready, set--- "The perplexed look on her face is probably a reaction to "How did I get up here---What should I do next?" She sways a little, does a few push-ups, and down- maybe next time!!

Confession time-- I have been conned by those drug ads on tv- should be a target on my head- sitting duck that I am-- yes, I listened intently to the ads promoting SAD-(social anxiety disorder) and was convinced they were describing me to a T, or a P, as it turned out-- anxious in social settings, blah, blah, blah----yes, that is me, I thought- finally I can be fixed---with PAXIL--so I went to my family doctor and regurgitated the symptoms I had heard so often on TV, and she agreed- I could possibly have S.A.D.- and wonder of wonders- she prescribed Paxil--- great advertising guys!!-- hit your target, gullible baby boomer,scored a hit- so I left the office with high hopes, thinking my life was about to change for the better----- Change it did---- the pills exploded in my head, took me out of work for 3 days, and 2 panic stricken trips to outpatients - Threw the pills down the drain where they belonged--- some people are extroverts and some people are introverts---doesn't mean we need fixing---- However, I have been seeing commercials for RLS, restless leg syndrome, and the accompanying fix, and I believe I have the condition-- no really, my legs are restless at night, they lead me directly to the kitchen to scavenge for food-- anything edible-- they just won't be still-- --it's involuntary--- gotta call the doctor again, after I have memorized all the symptoms for RLS!!!!!!
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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Members Only !!

It started out a simple errand- go to Toot's for reading material- true crime- J was there with her spouse too- on a similar mission I presume- We lived a few houses apart during our teenage years, graduated high school the same year, travelled on the same school bus, became teachers, even worked in adjoining classrooms for a few years, never the kind of close friends who are involved in each other's lives on a regular basis, just familiar faces- always speaking, "Hi , How are you?" Usual commonplace socially acceptable conversation- meant to convey a feeling of friendlieness, warmth, yet superficial exchange- you know- Where,"How are you?" is not an opening in the dyke for you to let loose a flood of intimacies- you're not really supposed to share your fears, disappointments, worries, hurts , woes, for so casual an encounter---- But things have changed between the four of us(our spouses included) We belong to an exclusive club, whose cost of membership is beyond measure, a club we never wanted to be a part of and a club we pray you never experience - But our relationship has changed- we hug each other harder, no words are spoken, we just know--- and we make the same small talk, but it doesn't seem small anymore-- we have an unspoken bond , we recognize it in each other, and no one seeing us hug, really sees what we know-- we are forever changed-- and we really "see" each other------

Happy Birthday Jennah!!!

Jennah 5 months Jennah, 1 year old

July 4, much celebrated day in US, for us marks the anniversary of a much greater event, the birth of our beautiful daughter-twenty-two years ago- And a happy day it was- With already four boys between us we were beyond thrilled to have been blessed by her arrival--- I want her to know that she is much loved and her parents are very proud of the woman and mother she has become---- Jennah has always been a nurturer- along the way she has mothered turtles, hamsters, guinea pigs, cats , dogs, chinchilla, and her crowning glory--- Alexis!!! Jennah you deserve all the best life has to offer- just wish we could give it to you, but this happy birthday blog will have to do!!! Love you, baby girl !!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Tech Suppport Nightmare!!!!!

This was not the day for me to be calling tech support- I should have been basking in the sun, on the deck, in our new patio furniture (sans cushions) , but where have I been for the past 3 hours----- on the phone-- TD tech support- haven't been able to access my online banking profile for a few days---- which is actually in Frank's name, so they wouldn't speak to me about the problem until Frank answered questions--- questions which of course he can't answer because he doesn't do the computer stuff---I DO !!!! So as I'm trying to whisper the answers to the questions he is repeating, they tell him, "Sir, you have to answer these questions without help!" So he replied. "Well Ask me questions I can answer!!!" Now you know Frank has a slight memory problem, and an even greater phobia of computers-he tried to get them to authorize his wife to speak on his behalf, but , no, the answers had to come from HIM !!! ^*&)*^*&( Did they think we had the real Frank Amon in bondage trying to get his bank information - all they had to do was check out our balance, and realize we would not be on anyone's list of targets--- We talked to 7 different so called specialists, put in waiting lines on hold listening to elevator music, and were even hung up on!!! One guy, said , "Why don't you wait a day before calling back?" To which I replied. '"Why? Is that your day off!" Finally, a few minutes ago, the last guy, Tony, solved the problem- don't ask me how- Remember, I'm already grouchy--grouchy, irritable,annoyed, hypersensitive , trying to cope with nicotine withdrawal, and Frank and I have to spend 3 hours in close proximity trying to deal with financial and computer problems--- a tech support person's worst nightmare!!!!!!!
P>S> It is now 6:00 pm and Frank has not returned home from work--- hmmm- he's usually home by 4:30----now why ever would he not want to come home to moi???

Sunday, July 02, 2006


Not the television show, twenty-four hours since my last inhalation of nicotine!!! But don't get too congratulatory- I've done this before- have even gone for up to two years- so no congrats yet, please- Yesterday seemed to be one of those serendipitous days, when events appear to align themselves - or maybe the planets and moons - whatever- It was the first day of the first month of my liberation- the sun was shining and it felt good to be alive----holding Alexis, all positives--- on the negative--- another study about the devastating effects of second hand smoke, along with liberation comes drastic reduction of income-- rising cost of cigarettes- ten dollars a pack- twenty dollars a day- you do the math-- unexpected bill for repairs of RV-------stench of tobacco- persistent cough --somehow the juxtaposition of these two opposing forces, lead to one conclusion---It's time to quit!!!! Frank bought nicorette chewing gum and I bought a Sudoku puzzle book- and we agreed to not speak to each other for three days--- it can get nasty going through withdrawal together--- We've had near-divorce experiences under these conditions in the past--- The sudoku book is helping by keeping my hand to mouth reflex under control and focussing my mind on numbers- -- we'll see--- Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 01, 2006

What kind of pills?????

Look what I found, of course it originated in Australia--After reading my post about dirt, Frank told me about this story, as usual I didn't believe him, as usual- he was right!!! Notice the part at the bottom about all the bugs on cats!!!!

Seeking Conservatives

Hey Guys- do a Google Search for 613 667 9649 and see the results- and for any random readers who may have been lead here by Google, it's Prime MInister Stephen Harper's office- or so they say- looking for Conservative supporters.

A Visit From My "EX"

This wonderful gift-bearing man stopped by today to delive a couple of parting gifts from the Home and School and the Staff- a rhododendrum bush and stained glass creation- As of yesterday, he is my EX- my ex-boss!! Today is Canada Day and my first day of official retirement- Yahoo!! The sun is shining- there is a purpose in all those rainy days- you sure do appreciate a beautiful day like this- no big plans- mema ordered a pizza and garlic fingers, and Alexis is having a short nap-- Have no intentions of sitting at the computer today though- going to soak in the sun and the smell of roses and wildflowers- and enjoy the new patio furniture- I may post later , but so far don't feel any rants or tirades brewing- gotta go smell the roses----