Monday, November 27, 2006

To Beta or Not to Beta ??

I come by it honestly----even take pride in it-- my stubborness, that is !!
Still refuse to watch Titanic, I already know the ending.
Held out as long as I could on not learning how to turn that computer on-- until our school went high-tech, and a whole new world of computer literacy opened up---
Only got a cell phone last summer when we went camping- to keep in touch with an ailing Mema--
Hate forced fads--
Haven't bought crocs yet (thinking of it though)
So,,, what's with all this pressure from blogger,, whenever we go to dashboard,,
"Your new Beta version is ready.."
ARgghhh--- resist, resist, resist,
Convince me
What's the payoff??
Logic left brain needs to know!!!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Three Years Old Today!!

My Aussie turned three today--- hard to believe the time has gone by so fast-- I can't imagine how we could have coped without him in our lives-----

And on the other side of the planet, in Australia,
Alex is celebrating his birthday early
due to the imminent arrival of newbaby Amon---
Happy Birthday Beloved Grandsons!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Never, in my Wildest Dreams.....

Did I think the statement, "Wow, you're an awesome phys-ed teacher!" would be directed at me!!! And neither would anyone who knows me, hahaahaha
But today, it happened------
Substituting is kind of like being a grandmother---- to heck with the lesson plans, and let's have fun!! So today we played, duck, duck goose-- dodgeball--- frozen tag-- and the kids had a blast--And I get to be the good guy and hand them back to their parents/teachers for the serious business--
Was feeling pretty good about the day, until Jennah asked,
"Do you think you're still allowed to play those games-- they could be dagnerous?"
I think i'll just savour those words---- once more--
"You're an awesome phys-ed teacher!!"

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Guess Where I've Been??

A. Bracciano, Italy !!! Just returned from a whirlwind of activity at the wedding of my dear friends Kate and Tom---- As they jetted off on their private jet to honeymoon on the Maldives, I boarded Air Canada Rome for direct flight to Halifax-- i couldn't really tell you about it earlier, as I was sworn to secrecy---- actually, they did a google search for nannies and somehow landed on my blog--- followed up by emails , phone calls, security clearance,,, and I have been attending their darling baby, Suri---

B. Seattle USA--- the latest auditions for American Idol 2007- didn't tell them I was Canadian,, so my audition didn't go to well, but I think I'm going to be on the Jan,17 show of rejected contestants-- my fifteen minutes of fame!!

C. I just returned from Moncton New Brunswick where I redeemed the winning Super Seven Lotto ticket for forty million dollars!! No sob stories please, I've already talked to a financial advisor and the principal is locked away--- but the interest should keep me going for a few years!!! No mor substituting!!
Oh yeah, all those promises about sharing, with my beloved family and friends,,,,,, not gonna happen!!!

D. I've been sick in bed for four freaking long days--- unable to talk, barely breathing!!! at death's doorstep-- well maybe not its doorstep, but at least in its neighbourhood--neither the lure of reading your blogs, nor the guzzling of Neocitran could bring life to these immobile fingers---But the DM in that Robitussen sure packs a lethal punch!!! He says he forgot that I couldn't handle DM---hmmmm????

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Windfall !!

Last night Frank and I, along with Traveling Man, braved the fierce elements-- pounding rain & wind, to hear the maiden performance of Fireguy's group, Windfall!! They were great, a few minor kinks to iron out, but overall, a fine group of talented musicians--- I'm especially partial to the songs that Jim sings, and what a treat to hear the steel guitar played well!!

Unfortunately, Frank and I didn't dare to take to the dance floor-- it has been years since we've danced and you know that expression, "Use it, or lose it!"--- It's lost!!!

Since we don't own an umbrella, I put one of those grocery plastic bags over my head to keep the rain from ruining my "do", and as we were picking up Dad , Frank says, "I only take her out when she has a bag over her head!"

Anway, well done brother Jim,, and I'm looking forward to your next gig---- but where was Funnyface??

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

ESL and Stew

Nope, I'm not cooking stew today,, but I've been thinking about stew, ESL, and connect the dots!!
H's comment about the English language got me to thinking-- way back to the seventies, when I was first attracted to the teachings of Baha'u'llah and his vision of world peace---
it wasn't just an idealized vision for the unity of mankind, it was prophetic and practical---
the vision was not of a melting pot, where all peoples become the same, no, the principle was "unity in diversity", whereby differences between us are to be celebrated---
much the same way that the flavour of a stew is enhanced by the uniqueness of each ingredient--- the sum is more than the total of its parts--- and step by step , the barriers that divide us , are eliminated---
He predicted way back in 1863 that the world would adopt a "secondary" universal language in order to break through the communication barrier----- secondary in that we would retain our mother tongue, but everyone would learn a second language-- the idea being that once we could communicate effectively, we could use language to solve the differences that arise between us--
He predicted that either a new language would be developed, (Esperanto was an attempt) or the world would just naturally choose an existing language.
Back in the seventies, there was no discipline called ESL, now it is a full-fledged course of study in most universities--English Second Language----and I believe English is the official language of the airways---- Not that I think English has been divinely ordained, more likely we are so inept and incompetent at learning a second language!!! Just look at our miserable attempts to learn French!!

I digress, but what I am trying to say,,, thank God for the English language,, because it is the tool that has connected our hearts-----
H, Houseband, Lizza------ to name a few----

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

So Who Won the War Paranoia

My Canadian History is quite rusty, and this is so not politically correct,,,,but if the English won the battle on the Plains of Abraham,


The French station that I never watch!!!!!!

Monday, November 13, 2006

getting together

This was an unusual Remembrance Day-- Ususally the weather on Nov.11 is dreary, bleak, and overcast, ---much like the mood of the day--- but this year the sun was out, skies were blue, and Jason and his family stopped by!!
We walked the 2.5 km nature trail which borders Riverside Cemetery--- so we stopped by to include Chris. Even after three years, it's still a gut-wrenching!

We really enjoyed the afternoon--- except the stroller we started off with--- broke down----- and the "weakest link" ended up on my shoulders ---He (Austin) said his legs were broken!

Funny how they got fixed in a hurry when he saw the playground!!! and I turned into the weakest link!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Remembrance Day in Yarmouth

Our Dad, Our Hero !

Friday, November 10, 2006

And Then There Was One

In memory of Earl McRae,
27 May/1920-----22 Sept. 1942

Pictured on right,
standing next to his brother,
my father.
Such a short time between the dashes---
How sad we have no memories of an Uncle Earl,

or unborn cousins-
But we remember
Your valiant service and sacrifice
And the pain of your loss

Still dwells in the heart of
Our father-

Our loss!!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Jimi and Chris

Days after Chris died, my forever friend RA, whose husband wrote his eulogy, phoned me to share a "dream" she had had that night--- a dream so vivid and overpowering she felt compelled to share it with me---

She saw Chris on a stool, with his guitar, face to face jamming with Jimi Hendrix !!!! Very happy!!

I didn't think too much about it--Chris had never bought or listened to his music, that I was aware of-

Until I went downstairs and opened his top drawer of writings---- on top----scribbled in pen on yellow lined loose leaf, an essay by Chris--"Why I like Jimi Hendrix"
Someday, I'll share it----

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It's Not Unusual

Flasback to 1969--- Acadia University--Seminary House, ladies residence pictured left----
Thursday night in downstairs television lounge--- gaggle of girls, waiting expectantly for performance of heart throb, pelvic thrusting Tom Jones----- swooning over
What's New Pussycat?? ---
Watching women throw their panties on stage,
feeling totally envious of their closeness to this gorgeous superhunk of homosapien male!!!

I saw him on TV last night-----

Am I really that old too!!!!
Some things should be heard and not seen---
brutal reality check---

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Fire in Overton

Here's a link to news about today's fire--Fireguy, are you in one of the pictures??

Pictures of the burning boat.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Demi and Chris

Okay, so it was voted the worst movie of the year--- 1995 I think-- but come on,, there have been worse, much worse---
Just Chris's luck!!!!
His name would have appeared on the credits had they not cut his spoken lines--- as it is, he appears in only a few scenes near the beginning-- as an indentured servant to Demi Moore---
the servant with the looong red hair--- that's him--
my Chris!
If you get a chance , watch it, if not for the storyline or acting, to see the wondrous scenery---- Nova Scotia-- within a 90 mile radius of Yarmouth--- beautiful landscape-- and one beautiful indentured servant sitting on a log, with long flowing red hair---------

PS: Dodi Fayed was one of the producers!!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

It's in the Details !!

*disclaimer-- picture was taken from internet search, not actual student!

The good news is, there are only 19 students in the class!!!
(But fifteen are boys, no offense, but any teacher knows what that means as per dynamics)

Oh, and there are two adults in the class, teachers aides, to help.
(To help,,, yeah,,, we know that means there are serious serious problems in that class, and now 2 adults will be watching your every move all day!!! )

Oh, and one of the boys has Asperger Sydnrome.
(Which means they cannot adapt to change of routine,(substitute teacher) without a complete meltdown,)

And you'll have to wear this microphone- headset because there is a student with hearing impairments.

And the boy in the wheelchair needs to have all his written work magnified --- not only does he have spina bifoda, he is nearly blind!
Have a good day!

PS--- Lest this sound too cold and calculating, let me assure you that I have tremendous compassion for these children, who have to deal with their disabilities on a daily basis, and for the most part handle their challenges with courage and strength of spirit--- My heart goes out to them---- but on the other hand, I feel so unworthy and overwhelmed, with the feeling that they deserve better------and I cannot adequately express my admiration for these classroom teachers -- you have no idea!!!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Recurring Nightmare on Elm St.

You know how some events are etched on the memory card of your brain with permanent marker, so permanent that the ravages of alzheimers, senility, or dementia cannot erase??? Like all the momentous "firsts" of your life--first kiss, first love, first better stop at that!
Or how you can never forget exactly where you were when JFK was killed, or for you younger ones, Diana, or 911, moments frozrn in time and space, or----
when you experienced the trauma of the realization that there was
About 25 years ago, in my early years of teaching at Milton School, near Elm St., the very strict principal/boss called me into her office to discuss the phone call from an irate parent---- beyond irate actually!!!
Whilst reading the Judy Blume book aloud to my class, the very loveable and hilarious characters had a discussion concerning the reality or lack therof of Santa Claus!! I should have known, ,, but I was young then---
I phoned the father, begging forgiveness, to no avail--- the daughter was devastated, father agitated beyond pacification, and I was mortified---- contemplating suicide, end of career---- blah,blah, blah,
I learned later that her parents hired a "Santa" with bells to climb on the roof of the across the street neighbour , whereupon , they woke up said daughter to prove the error of my ways!!
Recurring Nightmare you ask--- Last week, during silent/independent reading class, the ten year old boy shouted out for all the others to hear, "WHAT,,,, THERE ISN'T A SANTA CLAUS !!!" I rushed over, signalling him to be quiet, shh, shh, shh, and sure enough,,, same book,,,,,,---He wasn't satisfied with being shushed,,, so I pointed to the spine,,,,,nonfiction--- it's not the truth!! I whispered---meanwhile the rest of the class were now freely expressing their viewpoints about the TRUTH of Santa Claus and sharing stories about finding hidden toys in attics!!
"Back to silent reading, I very firmly announced------ remembering ----- and thankful that this time,,,
I was only the substitute---

Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Big "O' Post

In keeping with HB's "S" theme, I must confess to over indulgence and self gratification beyond the bounds of moderation------
And this morning I woke up feeling repentent, guilty, and unable to look at myself in the mirror---
how could I have allowed myself to get so out of control----
It was a two day orgy!!!
All consuming---- absorbing and completely self- indulgent---
A well planned and carefully executed rendezvous, in the marital bed no less---

I knew full well when I insisted that he buy the biggest box of Halloween chocolate bars, (just in case we get a large turnout,wink wink) that in fact, I , was preparing for the mother of all chocolate binges---
oh, and get some bags of chips too for the kids that don't like chocolate bars-- yeah, right---
We had five trick or treaters-----
And I had 65 Nestle's little chocolate bars-- Aero, KitKat, Crispy Crunch, and Smarties-----and a box of little chip bags---
And now I have that "don't you hate yourself the morning after" feeling----
- Gotta go clean up all the evidence/wrappers-----