Monday, August 06, 2007

Summer Downhill

Something about that first week in August--and having lived on a school cycle for the past fify-one years-- like being at the highest point on a ferris wheel--- the last few weeks are like the last coming down-- you can see the end in sight and know the ride is almost over-- even though I'm retired,,, I STILL feel that same sense of approaching dread--SCHOOL_ store shelves are filled with school supplies, and all summer merchandise has been retired to the back room---

Keji was wonderful as usual,, except when we had to be rescued by park rangers--- the bike trail was LONGER than we could endure, and with the scent of bear in the air,, we gratefully accepted the 20 min ride by truck back to our camplot---

Austin thinks our house is more fun than Keji, so he was happy to come home---

The greatest benefit of going away is a renewed appreciation for HOME and FAMILY!! and televison,, and our comfy queen size bed,, and steps away from "facilities"" (but I promise not to go there again-)

So tomorrow morning I go to the dentist for the first time in ten years---- slightly phobic,,okay--extremely phobic,,, I'm already in a panic---

What's with Amber on Big Brother--- Her theme song should be "Crying"-- yeah,, I missed Big Brother too-- how sick is that?? Don't tell me!! And my final infantile thought-- I think Facebook is taking over !!!!