Sunday, March 25, 2007

Spring, Spring, Wherefore art thou ??

This morning's view from our front door--- everything shrouded in white, pure, crisp, beautiful----and I do mean morning--- not just anything can get me out of bed early on a cold Sunday morning when I should be snuggled under the comforter watching Coronation Street-- BUT--
my Aussie was going to the rink this morning--- his first time on skates--- an event too important to miss!!! I even bought a pair of skates--haven't been skating in decades--- and as it turns out,, I still haven't been skating in decades--- seems it takes more than the passage of time to turn into a smooth, graceful skater--
and poor Austin---
let's just say, maybe the next time will be better!!! It looks so easy,,, next year we'll try again sooner in the season,, meanwhile, my new skates are going back to the store tomorrow!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Schizoid Signs of Spring

Chocolate Ice cream on Austin's face !

Playing outside!!- in true Canadian style-

This year, it happened on the fourth day of March Break-- the continuous rewind of events--- events beginning God knows when, culminating on April 26-

It's replayed so many times in my mind,, but through the period beginning with March Break,, I relive those days--- the 200 mile ride to Lunenburg in mom's car---- feeling a sense of hope heading to the one available bed in the whole province -- for seven days--- trying to remember the conversation, what little of it there was, and remembering the last half-hearted hug---"I love you Chris"---- then the drive home alone, praying to God, to Pa, to anyone who would listen,,, please --- help---- then the phone call 5 days later---- he'd broken a rule and was being sent home early--- I didn't go get him-- I was too mad---

On the fourth day of March Break, the tape began to play again---- the count down begins --- and part of me was horrified that I could have gone four whole days into the break without remembering--- as much as it hurts to remember,,,,, forgetting is worse!!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Mike's New House!!!

I'm calling on all the powers of the universe-----last year I didn't enter the draw,,, but it's official--- I just phoned in my order for the winning ticket-- check it out at
Notice the house comes fully furnished , landscaped , with a 2007 BMW in the driveway!!!
Worth over a million buckeroos--- now I know that our old Shamrock couldn't entice Mike and Bec , so we've upped the ante!!
And if we don't win,, the money goes to our top notch regional hospital---- to dispel the gambling guilt!!!
If you go on the site, you can even take a virtual tour of the house--well maybe you can,, I couldn't get the darn thing to work on my computer--- have been busy working last week and am booked for all this week too--- thus the lack of blogging---
Last week, after a morning of teaching math, the cutest, quietest little girl approached me---- hesitantly-- face beet red---- stuttering---"Mrs. Amon,, I don't know how to tell you this"--- painfully stricken voice!!! All sorts of things reeled through my head as I said in my "nice understanding teacher" voice--
"That's okay, what's the problem?"
Whispering,,, hands cupped to my ear---
"There's a kind of a hole in the back of your pants!"
As I reached back,,, sure enough,,,,, the whole rear seam was burst open!!!
And I remember thinking that morning as I zippered up my pants,, how they felt a little looser than when I had bought them!!!!!
PS_ I just took a virtual tour of the interior--- after you click on virtual tour,, click on "map" to view any room in the house-----