Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Papal Gaff ???

Haven't read the whole text of his speech, so I suppose I shouldn't be reacting without doing all the facting--but--- at first glance--- he was referring to a medieval conversation between a learned Persian and Byzantine Emperor re. the teachings of Islam--- in which using violence to promote faith were evil and inhuman acts ??? something like that ??? Three thoughts---- fire your speechwriter, haven't you learned anything from Danish cartoonist and Soloman Rushdie ??? I don't really believe the esteemed Pontiff wanted to be the catalyst for more religious turbulence and upheaval in an already sorely divided world--- when what the world needs most is healing and tolerance----- Secondly--- Hey Guys, if you really want to prove the quotes wrong, don't react with violence!!!!! How hard is that to understand ??? Committing acts of violence and inhumanity only confirms what you are trying to deny-----and finally, all you moderate leaders of Islam, why aren't you exhorting the believers to denounce violence and retaliation, if they are tenets of the Muslim Faith---

Here is an excerpt of a speech by Abdul'l-Baha,(Son of Prophet of Baha'i Faith) in 1912 delivered to students at Stanford University:

"Fifty years ago Baha'u'llah declared the necessity of peace among the nations and the reality of reconciliation between the religions of the world. He announced that the fundamental basis of all religion is one, that the essence of religion is human fellowship and that the differences in belief which exist are due to dogmatic interpretation and blind imitations which are at variance with the foundations established by the Prophets of God. He proclaimed that if the reality underlying religious teaching be investigated all religions would be unified, and the purpose of God, which is love and the blending of human hearts, would be accomplished. According to His teachings if religious belief proves to be the cause of discord and dissension, its absence would be preferable; for religion was intended to be the divine remedy and panacea for the ailments of humanity, the healing balm for the wounds of mankind. If its misapprehension and defilement have brought about warfare and bloodshed instead of remedy and cure, the world would be better under irreligious conditions."


Blogger NorthernLight said...

You really are the news site for "interesting happenings in the world"... Maybe you missed your calling as an editorial commentator!

I didn't hear anything about this speech by the Pope before... but his topic seems to be as old as time. The concept of violence is often interpreted in different ways it seems. To some violence is solely a physical phenomena, whereas to others violence includes hatred, threats, and neglectful attitudes towards others... including thus a more psychological element...

I find that often those who are the most vocal about physical violence, act and maintain psychologically violent feelings towards others, which becomes a real barrier to co-operation and the pathway to peace...

If you find any links for the speech, do you mind posting them?


September 16, 2006 7:52 PM  
Blogger lovesjazzlovescoffee said...

Hi Nan....

Leave it to the pope to stir things up.....I am embarrassed that he would do say such things....but not surprised!!!

I am so tired.....soon off to bed!! I have never gone to bed at 2 am in so long...

love ya!!!

September 16, 2006 8:45 PM  
Blogger NanNan said...

The sad part is, the Pope did not really say this--he used it as a quote in a scholarly address about how violence and religion were NOT compatible, but of course it got all misconstrued and taken out of context---- i'll look for a link--

September 16, 2006 9:08 PM  
Blogger Tuffysmom said...

I'll respond to all your blogs at once...
Jim also falls asleep at the drop of a hat.
I don't eat spinach.
And I have no idea what the Pope said. I've been ill! Sob sob sob.

September 17, 2006 8:33 AM  

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